j1 visa

  1. L

    Statement of Need Canada - Internal Medicine - Match 2023

    Hello Everyone, so I've been having a mini panic attack today looking through some old threads and just wanted confirmation. Is there still a cap for SoN issued by Health Canada for IM? A lot of older threads said yes and people were previously denied after a certain quota was met but a more...
  2. LatinDoctor

    Options if unmatched for fellowship

    What are the options if you go unmatched on a J1 visa? Do you have to do a waiver and re-apply in 3 years? Can you quit the waiver in one year and re-apply? What are all the options to re-apply in one year?
  3. G

    J1 Waiver jobs for indians and NORI update

    I've heard from someone that there has been someone that there has been some changes in the NORI legislation recently regarding the j1 waiver. What were those changes? I heard from someone that previously indian doctors neither had to do the 3 year j1 waiver jobs nor did they have to return for...
  4. V

    Statement of need- EM *please help!*

    Hi everyone, I'm a Canadian in 3rd year of med school in US. I'm interested in applying for EM and wanted to clarify some things. I kind of suck at legal things/ visas and want to triple check my understanding. When I was in 1st/2nd year Canadians at my school told me we could apply for only 4...
  5. N

    Statement of Need from Canada

    Curious about the experience this year since the cap has been removed. The website says it takes 30 working days since application to receive the Statement of Need. Has anyone received it earlier?
  6. R

    J1 Visa Statement of Need for Fellowship

    Hi all, I am currently in my senior year of IM residency and have been accepted for an Endocrinology, obesity and Metabolism fellowship. Seeing as I am on a J1 Visa, my initial documents included a Statement of Need for training in the USA in the specialty of Internal Medicine. Has anyone...
  7. D

    Please, I really appreciate your advice for this year match

    Hello Guys, I matched this year but my visa underwent administrative processing. It's still pending but the program couldn't afford to wait for me. They requested a waiver from NRMP one month only after the Residency start date. The waiver is granted and they released me. Its really hard for...
  8. D

    Urgent, I matched but the program requested NRMP waiver

    Hello guys I matched this year. Unfortunately, my J1 Visa is still under administrative processing. And the program doesn't want to wait for me longer due to major scheduling issues. They requested NRMP wavier after a month of the residency start. I feel it's really unfair. I already quit my...
  9. K

    J1 Visa Waiver - Applying during Fellowship

    I am about to start an American fellowship that runs July 2018 - July 2019. I am on a J1 visa and I am hoping to apply for a waiver. Most states seem to begin accepting applications for waivers in September or October . The CONRAD-30 program states that "the J1 doctor must agree to begin...
  10. L

    J1 Statement of Need Canada

    Hello everyone. I am a canadian IMg and i have been denied SON for IM residency since they capped. Can someone tell me the process to appeal further. I really appreciate it
  11. Future.miss.doctor

    DO vs. MD for a Canadian interested in pathology

    Hello everyone, I have been accepted into a great DO school that I feel very comfortable at. I did not apply to any MD schools in the last application cycle. I am a Canadian student and I have always been interested in pathology. I got the impression from many people that it would be easy for...
  12. redkaiser

    Applying for a j1 under category C help

    If a Canadian IMG completed post-graduate training in the US in internal medicine (later than 2016), and have obtained the US licenses and completed specialty examinations of the RCPSC and passed MCCEE and MCCQE part 1&2, in order to be able to do a fellowship in the US the applicant must have...
  13. D

    International Student Guide to matching as an American Medical Grad (AMG)

    International Student Guide: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on getting into medical school! As an international student at an American medical school, you compose a very select few. That said, the road you will have to fare is slightly different than many of your classmates’. I...
  14. A

    Applying to paid AEGD/GPR - No funding no green card - only J1 visa , help

    Hi guys, If any of you can help, i would appreciate your opinion or any suggestion. I posted this as a comment in another thread about AEGD programs for FTD, but I wish you that know more about this process could give me some advice. I am currently living in the US with a J1 visa, I am a postdoc...
  15. J

    J1 visa and August 1st Starts for Surgical fellowships

    Any surgery residents on J1 visas facing the conundrum of an August 1st start for their surgical fellowships (like MIS/Bariatrics or Surgical Oncology)? Any word from ECFMG about your status in the intervening period (meaning July1 to July 31st)? Also, does the DS2019 of J1 sponsorship start...
  16. D

    J-1 waiver and fellowship

    Hi all, I am considering doing an EMS fellowship that while ACMGE-regulated would require me to work as a part-time attending. The hospital system offering this position came up with the idea that they would petition for a J-1 waiver and I would spend the first year of the waiver in the...
  17. redkaiser

    Canadians with dual citizenship,

    So I'm a Canadian with a dual citizenship, reading all this mumbo jumbo on statements of need I'm really considering using my other nationality to apply for J1, Thing is I'm already a Canadian on ecfmg! anyone got any ideas? if I get accepted into a US residency can I just use my other...
  18. P

    Specialty selection and visa status

    I am a 3rd year US medical student, I am not a US citizen and I am on an F1 visa. I initially came to the US with a J1 visa through a high school exchange program and I already have the 2year home residency requirement which I have not yet fulfilled. My issue is that I am ineligible for H1b for...
  19. Omicron85

    J1 Visa for International Students - Are pod residents eligible?

    With match date coming soon I wanted to ask the following question: are Canadians eligible for J1 sponsorship? I researched this but I am not so certain that this is possible for podiatry. 1) I emailed Health Canada about statement of need and they told me flat out that podiatry is not one of...