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  1. dentaltab4life

    ไทย - Dental Accreditation in Thailand

    Are there any Thai dentists or Thai dental students on this International Dentist forum? I am looking for help in understanding and preparing for the accreditation process for overseas dentists seeking a license in Thailand. For context, I am a 2nd year dental student at a school in the US. I...
  2. D

    If you're a foreign trained dentist and looking for residency

    Hey guys, interview season's about to come and I guess many of you who're not CODA graduates must be thinking of the same question that I had when I was applying - Does graduating from a foreign dental school mean that it's impossible for me to get into a residency? Hell no! And I'm saying that...
  3. dentalbenchprep

    SF/Silicon Valley - Dental Bench Prep Course for International Dental Applicants! - www.dentalbenchprep.com

    Don't wait! Dental bench Prep is offering an Advanced Dental Bench Test preparation course for international dentists preparing to apply to US dental schools. We are accepting reservations for a limited number of seats left for the course starting in Silicon Valley/Bay Area, California from...
  4. S

    cant decide between dental or medical

    for all the experienced international doctors and dentists, 1.I am US citizen who did highschool in india and going to an indian university next year, however, my main goal is to settle in the united states. I'm having a tough time deciding between medical or dental (yes,I am aware that...
  5. bbatasari

    International Dentist without DDS/DMD - US States

    Hey everyone! I am a Foreign-trained Dentist relocating to USA in a couple of months. I will be starting a Masters program in Orthodontics from a CODA approved school very soon. I do not have a DDS/DMD from any USA or Canadian Dental school. Before starting the program, I have a few questions...
  6. bbatasari

    MS in Orthodontics

    Hi everyone, I am a foreign trained dentist ( FTD) currently practicing. I am looking at various career options in the US for FTDs. I am unable to figure out what are the career opportunities and prospects like after doing a Masters program without a DDS/DMD for FTDs Are there any restrictions...
  7. N

    Foreign dentist working in Florida

    Hi All. There is so many rules for each city for foreign dentist that I'am so confused. If I want to work in Florida, and I have a dental degree from a foreign country, but I did my residency in orthodontics in the US (no AEGD/GPR). Is there a possibility to work as a orthodontics, even in...
  8. D

    international dentist for ortho residency?

    Hi I posting this in the hopes of finding out how much of a chance I have at being accepted for Ortho residency in the States. I am a dentist from an asian country. I got my dental licence in 2008, specialized in OMFS (finished in 2012), and am now working as a dentist in my home country. My...
  9. P

    Ndeb Canada completed foreign dentists

    Hi, Is there any Foreign trained dentist who has completed the whole ndeb process and is practising in Canada?! Can you please throw some insights if ever?! Thanks in advance, Dr. P
  10. D

    Vacant spot beginning June 2018 2 yr residency program CODA approved

    Boards are not mandatory, please contact me if interested for more information. Internationals are welcome as long as they have green card or H4 Visa.
  11. E

    International Dentist Orthodontics Residency in US?

    Hello! I'm an American medical student hopefully starting residency in internal medicine in July. I'm somewhat familiar with the process for international medical grads, but know nothing about dental. My fiancé graduated from dental school in Egypt and completed a dual orthodontics residency /...
  12. B

    Price of NBDE I for international students

    Hello everybody!!! I was wondering whyyyy on earth the price of the nbde test is so expensive for foreign trained dentist? From the regular fee of 340$ for the test it went to $530 when i said i was trained at a foreifn school :( Did you guys paid this same amount? Im a little concerned about...
  13. D

    MPH MPH Fall 2017 applicant

    Undergrad School: Foreign trained dentist (Bangladesh, DU) Undergrad GPA: GPA 4 GradGPA (if applicable): n/a Grad Studies (if applicable): n/a GRE or Other Test Score (if applicable): n/a Experience/Research: a) 1 year internship from a dental hospital b) 1 year assisting intern in a dental...
  14. Itsover

    Can I get an advice from current foreign dentists trying to come to the states ?

    Hello, Thank you for your time to read this page, I am in a phase of "what now", and its making me pretty stressful to think what i am suppose to for the future. I am a recent college graduate who wants to pursue dentistry but my grades (under 3.0) isnt good enough to even apply. I did...
  15. A

    Applying to paid AEGD/GPR - No funding no green card - only J1 visa , help

    Hi guys, If any of you can help, i would appreciate your opinion or any suggestion. I posted this as a comment in another thread about AEGD programs for FTD, but I wish you that know more about this process could give me some advice. I am currently living in the US with a J1 visa, I am a postdoc...
  16. S


    My comprehensive grade average from the ece is 1.69 and the best result is 2.03.is there any hope for me to get into a dental program in the US ??if lets say I get into a master program or research and i have good work experience and toefl score?!!! Please help i am just starting to prepare for...
  17. DR PR

    Any Body from Philadelphia studying for NBDE part 1

    Hi any One studying for part 1 in Philadelphia?
  18. Dr. Moon

    How much do you get pay as a CDA when you are a foreign Dentist?

    I want to know how much do you get pay if you are a foreign Dentist with only having your CDA, do you can get pay more then a normal DA?

    AEGD/GPR Programs for Foreign Trained Dentists 2016

    As a foreign trained dentist I had to do quite a bit of research to be able to apply to all these programs. This is a list of programs I was able to find that accepted foreign graduates. Although this list is current and accurate for the application year 2016-2017, I reccomend doing your own...