1. norfleet1131


    Hi everyone! After finishing up the DAT this past Monday, I finally have had time to post a breakdown. Since I used so many other breakdowns to develop my study schedule, I wanted to be able to give back a little bit. This period can feel overwhelming, but the time you put in now will truly pay...
  2. V

    Should I retake the DAT

    I recently took the DAT, and well... it didn't end up that great. Here are my scores: PAT: 20 QR: 21 RC: 21 Bio.: 16 General Chem.: 18 Organic Chem.: 17 TS: 17 AA: 19 sGPA: 3.7 cGPA: 3.8 I have been the president of my university's pre-dental honors society for a year now and will start working...
  3. D


    I took my DAT twice. The first time I strictly used Bootcamp, and the second I used Bootcamp, BOOSTER, and some of destroyer. My first attempt was not good. I think Bootcamp is a great resource for those who have forgotten certain subjects like GC & OC and need to relearn. Mike does an AMAZING...
  4. kachao123

    September 2020 DAT Breakdown (25 AA/ 24TS/ 23 PA)

    Background: I am a Bio major just now starting my Junior year. I didn't even know when I had to take the DAT so it was good doing some research online, and I kind of panicked when I realized you had to schedule it 2 months in advance. Also, a lot of breakdowns are scary talking about studying...
  5. Anniebanani

    Is there anyone who took the DAT recently and used DAT Booster instead of DAT Bootcamp?

    How were your scores on the real exam? Those who've used both, do you think Booster is a better alternative to BC? I know many people push bootcamp to be the ultimate prep resource but I've noticed recently theres been a small shift in people who believe booster may be more comparable to the...
  6. E

    Dat in a week, need help!

    Hey everyone, I have attached my bootcamp scores for all tests and I want to know if you guys think I will do better or worse on the real thing. I know practice scores aren't a perfect indicator and for every question I get wrong on my exams, I write down the answer on a piece of paper and...
  7. abba124

    DATBooster Users, are you getting lower predicted scores than Bootcamp?

    Since I've been studying for the DAT all the way from January (s/o COVID for cancelling my dates multiple times), I thought it would be useful to pick up DATBooster just to get a different qbank than I'm used to, just to really test if I have my material down. I'm a month out from my exam, and...
  8. G

    DAT Retake - already used bootcamp so now what do I do

    Hi! I took the DAT back in August (scored an 18 AA) and am now prepping for a retake. I used bootcamp before and did all ten practice tests multiple times sooo I don’t really want to use bootcamp again, since I think I’ll remember the questions and it’ll be ineffective. I already purchased PAT...
  9. Rainbowsheep5

    2019 DAT Breakdown 30TS/28AA/26PAT

    My scores: PAT 26 QR 30 RC 24 Bio 28 GC 30 OC 30 TS 30 AA 28 Resources (comparisons and recommendations) - I used Bootcamp, Destroyer, Math Destroyer, Orgoman Organic Odyssey, Dynamite Bio notes, and PAT Booster - I went over the BC twice and the Destroyer twice -- I'm really not a genius...
  10. T

    DAT bootcamp difficulty vs difficulty of real DAT

    Hey everyone apologies if this has been asked a lot already. My DAT is coming up in a week. I've used bootcamp a lot for practice tests, and my scores were usually 18-21 on all the science practice tests except bio. I was wondering how the difficulty of bootcamp compared to the actual test, and...
  11. C

    DAT in a week

    Hey guys- I’m taking the DAT this upcoming Saturday, and am posting to ask how I should best spend my time this week in order to fully prepare. I’ve been studying for around 2.5 months and I recently took Bootcamp’s Full Length Exams 5-7 and have been consistently scoring in the 18-19 range...
  12. artist2022

    Forum Members DAT Summary, Tips, & Tricks

    Hi all! I think it would be helpful to have everything* that is useful in this forum put together in one easily accessible thread for everyone to use. I'll also be adding links to products so people know what sorts of materials are helpful for the DAT. Signing up to take the DAT: 1. Read these...
  13. T

    Practice test results advice

    So a little background, I have been studying for the DAT for about 2 months now and have just recently started to take practice tests to test my level of understanding on the subjects. I take my DAT on the 18th of August so I still have a little under 3 weeks to prepare. So far my scores have...
  14. J

    DAT Study Materials

    These were the materials I used to study for the DAT. $200 for everything (Paypal), if you buy today I'll include my DAT Bootcamp subscription which expires Aug 3rd for free. I may also include access to my OneNote (all of my personal notes) for free if you're interested. Includes: CliffsNotes...
  15. chiralola

    Organic reactions

    So I’m a little confused, because there’s a ton of reactions in the Destroyer book (I made flash cards of all of them and it’s pretty thick) but on the Bootcamp tests I always see the same handful of reactions. Would you guys say it’s totally necessary to memorize all the reactions in Destroyer...
  16. maybeapedsdoc22

    ? ?

  17. B

    DAT Bootcamp Scores

    Has anyone taken all/most of the BC Full Length Exams before they had studied thoroughly and then taken the Full Length Exams again after they had studied thoroughly? How much did your scores improve, and were your improved scores reflective of how you did on the actual DAT?
  18. B

    DAT Bootcamp Scores

    Has anyone taken all/most of the BC Full Length Exams before they had studied thoroughly and then taken the Full Length Exams again after they had studied thoroughly? How much did your scores improve, and were your improved scores reflective of how you did on the actual DAT?
  19. Justduckyy


    I memorized the answer accidentally, but don't actually understand why the .10 there?
  20. L

    DATBC vs DATqvault BIO

    On DATBC, thus far, I have been averaging 19-21 on the bio exams ranging from 26-32 correct, using almost all the time. however... I took DATqvault's free bio sample exam, finished with 30 minutes to spare scoring a 34/40. Now I am not sure what to believe in terms of whose test is more...
  21. T

    Should I purchase CrackDAT, Bootcamp, or other programs?

    I just recently took the DAT and only studied for 2 weeks. I used the Kaplan Book to study and got a 21AA, 19TS, and 19PAT. I want to really improve my score, especially the PAT section. If I was to purchase one program which one should it be?
  22. F

    DAT Study HELP

    i recently pushed my exam back 3 weeks and am struggling to figure out what to do: I originally went through all of Kaplan and then bought Bootcamp just before the exam. After taking the first five Bootcamp full lengths, my TS was averaging to about a 19-19.5, so I decided to push my exam back...
  23. M

    Chad's videos or Khan academy Bootcamp playlist for QR

    Hey guys so I started studying for the DAT and not sure which resource to use for the math, so my thing with khan academy is it just feels so scattered and unorganized even the playlist (no offense to them they didn't make these videos with the intent of it focusing on DAT) and chad's videos...
  24. Elvisthepelvis

    Best Bootcampt Full practice tests?

    Hi guys! Okay so my test is in 10ish days (its on Feb 1) and I'm freaking out to say the least... so I wanted to do all tests bootcamp has to offer before the exam but I am still doing dat destroyer!! I've done full tests #1-4 and did pretty well on them (but that could be because I've seen...
  25. I

    How to properly use the study materials ?

    Should i finish cliffs, and destroyer before taking Bootcamp? Like finish watching all of mikes videos, do destroyer a couple times and then start Bootcamp? Because i did like 1 or 2 Bootcamp exams and my scores were just low but now i know what i need to focus on so I’m hitting them hard
  26. O

    Anki deck?

    Did bootcamp remove ANKI deck?
  27. O

    Is it normal on DAT bootcamp?

    Hi I noticed people constantly posting these scores of 19-22 for there DAT bootcamp scores and I was curious if they were typically talking about the full practice tests or like each individual section? I am scoring pretty low on the just the bio practice tests I've been taking and I was...
  28. beeepbooop

    21AA DAT (21AA/21PAT/20TS): some encouragement!

    I just took my DAT today and did better than I was anticipating with a 21AA. I wanted to make a brief post to encourage people who are still studying and still feeling like they're not hitting the scores that they want to get on the actual test. Obviously this is just my experience, but I...
  29. O

    Anyone who studied during the semester for the DAT

    I was wondering how you studied for the DAT during the semester.. Right now i am only doing one subject per day and I don't know if i should be doing more than one per day or what? Im using Chads, destroyer, and bootcamp for Chem/ochem Im using Cliffs, destroyer, and bootcamp FOR BIO IM USING...
  30. Fancy312

    Public service annoucment on awful PAT scores

    Guys, Ive been doing practice test after practice test and I'm still scoring 16's and 15's on bc for PAT. Im good at angle ranking and I do the hole punching strategy where I put a 4x4 box and go based off the line of symmetry but WHY DO I KEEP SUCKING AT THIS?!? Idk what to do, and my exam is...
  31. Auntymarkovnikov

    What schools should I add to my list?

    My GPA is 3.49. I have an AA 19, TS 20, PAT 20 What schools should I add to my list?? (some of these are reaches so I need some realistic ones) UCSF UOP USC UCLA Western UWashington Oregon UNLV MWA NYU Tufts UMichigan
  32. Punished Angeleno

    Bootcamp RC struggles w/ a week to go.

    Currently in panic mode. I've got about 9 days to go and I just started working on RC. I took two Bootcamp exams and scored less than 15 on the first and 18 on the second. I'm letting the first go because I forced myself to take it at midnight when I was absolutely exhausted, but I'm not exactly...
  33. E

    Alloted Time For Destroyer 2017, Math Destroyer 2017 and Bootcamp?

    Hi guys, I'm nearing the end of my review stage and will start practice questions soon. I may reschedule my test date based on everyone's input (I'd like to pay the $25 reschedule fee as opposed to the $65). How many weeks is sufficient to go through all the materials in DAT Destroyer (2017)...
  34. K

    DAT 2017 DONE!!

    I thought I would put out a review/any info to help because I used these threads a lot while studying for the DAT. This summer was pretty much hell, but so worth it. In the end I ended up with the following: PAT: 18 BIO:23 GC: 22 OC:22 RC:26 QR:20 AA: 23 Here is what I did to study...
  35. MrMolar

    August 2017 DAT Results

    Hey guys! So I took my DAT yesterday after about 4 weeks of good studying and ended up with the following scores: 25 AA 24 Total Science 22 Bio 26 Gen Chem 27 Orgo 25 RC 24 QR 21 PAT To study, I began by reading Princeton Review's Cracking the DAT in it's entirety. I would skip back and forth...
  36. beeepbooop

    Bootcamp TFE glitch?

    Hey guys! Are there differences between A, B, & C? Only B registers as correct and I'm wondering if it's just a glitch that all three look identical or if I'm missing something. Thanks!
  37. dl2501

    DAT Breakdown 23AA/24PAT/24TS (non-science major)

    Let’s start this breakdown! Study time period: I graduated at the end of May, and after being with family for a week or so, I started to do research about this DAT thing. And if you take anything away from this post, it is this: do research about all the different study materials and...
  38. T

    DAT in a week in a half? Am I ready??

    Hey guys! So I just completed Bootcamp Tests 1-4 and my scores are as follows (not including biology, because unfortunately I had taken those subject tests before I took the full length tests). Gen-chem/o-chem/PAT/Reading Comprehension/QR Test 1: 23/21/20/23/19 Test 2: 23/19/19/23/19 Test 3...
  39. R

    Average dat scores this cycle

    Based of the forums it seems to be that the dat scores of applicants of this higher are much higher than years past. Is there any truth to this or anyway to find out the average dat score for this cycle?
  40. Auntymarkovnikov

    DAT in 3 days!!

    I can't postpone the exam because my Bootcamp subscription literally runs out the day of my exam. I took BC full lengths 1,2,3, and 5 (i meant to do 4 but i accidentally clicked on 5, fml). I don't want to take any tests on Thursday, the day before my exam.. so tomorrow (Wednesday) should i take...