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Oct 13, 2021
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I am a 4-year Army HPSP recipient currently in my first year of dental school and wanted some insight regarding OMFS residency in the Army. I have always been interested in that field and I so I am trying to make myself the most competitive applicant for when I am able to apply for residencies.

For those that are in OMFS residency or know how residencies work in the military, what do they look for in applicants? I've heard that it is a bit different from civilian programs. I am shooting for ranking in the top ten but realistically, what is a good rank and gpa and what other factors are important? Are there any internships or volunteer experiences that I can start participating in at military OMFS programs? Also, how important is research?

Any insight is helpful. I appreciate it!

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Feb 7, 2012
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This has been fleshed out multiple times in prior threads so use the search to your advantage.

In brief, CBSE is most important. Next you should extern at a military OMS residency for at least a week to get a strong PD letter. Then GPA/rank. Research doesn’t matter.
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