ARRO Case and ARRO Image Challenge - Open for Submission

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Mar 16, 2009
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For those of you who haven't seen these yet, ARRO has started a collection of cases designed to serve as references for each disease site: https://www.astro.org/ARRO/Resident-Resources/Educational-Resources/ARROCase/Index.aspx. Each case is a peer reviewed, high quality, high-yield review of the workup, staging, general management, and treatment approaches for that specific site. The cases can be found on the ARRO website and also in the radonc wikibook pages. (In the wikibook: go to the site of interest (e.g. anal cancer), then the "overview" section, then "other references")

If you are interested in submitting an ARROCase, please email [email protected]. Both the classic bread-and-butter cases and the odd-ball cases (that pose management dilemmas or technical challenges in terms of radiation planning) are welcome. The submission guidelines and possible topic list can be found here: https://www.astro.org/ARRO/Resident-Resources/Educational-Resources/ARROCase/Submission-Guidelines.aspx

For all of you med students/future rad onc residents out there: putting together an ARROCase would be an EXCELLENT way to get some one-on-one time with your attendings, particularly if you only spend a short amount of time on a rotation and are hoping to get a solid letter of recommendation.

ARRO has also recently started an "Image Challenge" series that is open for general submission as well. These are also a great way for students to get some one-on-one time with attendings. The previous image challenges can be found here: https://www.astro.org/ARRO/Resident-Resources/Educational-Resources/Image-Challenge/Index.aspx. If you have an interesting image that can be turned into a teaching point or further questions about submitting a case or an image, please email [email protected].