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Jul 2, 2006
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I have read several posts referencing 'audition rotations'. I can probably reason out what these are but could someone offer a concrete explanation? Are these ones we set up for ourselves? Any info/clarity would be helpful. I did try a search before I asked the question.


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Oct 13, 2004
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During one of your electives, you would schedule a rotation in the specialty you want for residency at a hospital where you want to do the residency at. You wouldn't have to set it up if your school offers the rotation and the residency.


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Feb 4, 2000
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I have never heard that term myself but I can guess that it means just what the above poster said. A rotation at a clinical site that you intend on applying to for post graduate training.

Many residencies will write off certain applicants if they have not rotated at a site. Not all, but some. It especially looks bad if an applicant doesnt rotate at a local site. Almost no excuse not to!


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Nov 8, 2005
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I think this is realy more of an issue for osteopathic programs. As I did rotations at my local place third year and a far off land fourth year and both wanted me to sign with them (with the far off place going so far as to have me sign a letter of intent - which made me uncomfortable as I am sure it is against match rules). However, I only did two allopthic audition rotations and at one it was a good experience as I found I hated the program and didn't apply. At the other I loved the program and got constant reassurance from them that "I was a good fit, and they hoped I would rank them high, and they looked forward to seeing me for three more years, and what size coat did I wear." Well be careful about these reassuranes, because guess where I ended up, and maybe this is because I suck, but I sure as heck did end up there. Instead it was another program I never rotated at, but happened to like once I interviewed there. SO BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THESE ALLOPATHIC AUDITION ROTATIONS. Don't let it influence how you rank them too heavily, as people are not always truthful in their assurances. Just my $0.02

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