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    I'm a MSIII and I have a dilemma on doing away rotations...

    I applied to 3 places, but only had 2 months to do my aways during. For one month, I applied to one place in the same state that I'm in. For the next month, I really wanted to do a rotation at a certain program, but applied to another as a backup because I didn't know the likelihood of getting the one I wanted in the first place.

    Well, the "backup" program already got back to me telling me that I'm good to go for their away. In the meantime, the main one I wanted to get just e-mailed me saying some random part of my immunization form is missing...and initially they had said that they may not inform you of your acceptance for the away rotation until 4-8 weeks prior. So I'm sitting on an acceptance at the "backup" school, waiting to hear from the main school...

    And the kicker is that the backup school has 2 more spots than the main school in their residency program. So now I'm wondering if going to the school with more spots would be more beneficial in terms of "playing the odds" of getting an interview and hopefully acceptance... Both schools seem to be pretty equal from what I've read, neither is a top 10 but both are solid.

    The other thing is that I have free room and board + transportation in the city of the main school and I'd surely have to pay for living and transportation at the "backup" school....choices choices...

    And there's always the option of cancelling the one in-state and trying to get the "backup" for that month, but during that month I need to move out of my apt. here in my home city and also deal with finalizing the application process (august), so it might not be good to go across the country for an away rotation that month. :scared:
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    Good for you for getting on this early!
    If you have a particular program to which you'd like to go, for whatever reason, you should try to do a rotation there. Plus, the free room and board isn't a bad idea, especially before you're about to spend lots of money applying and interviewing.
    I matched at my first choice, without having done an away rotation there. But this was mostly due to the fact that I decided on ophtho fairly late, and couldn't get a spot...
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    Even though you haven't heard back from your "main" program officially, backing out at this point may look almost as bad as if they had offered you a spot and you said you can't come. If they accept you for your rotation then you'll have to tell one program you can't make it - so go to the program that you would most want to end up at. If you can pull off the details, doing a rotation in august may not be all bad - it's before interview season so you avoid those conflicts and you also give them the chance to be impressed by you and potentially invite you for an interview.

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