Bad Interview

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Aug 4, 2006
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So I did really bad on an interview that I had this past weekend. I really want to go to this school. Do I still have a chance of getting in? Anyone have a bad interview and still got in? Sigh, I'm really bummed. :( :( :( This whole waiting process is going to make me go crazy. :scared:

good luck to everyone with interviews!

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Don't worry about it. You might be thinking that it was bad, but in reality it might not be that bad. So hope for the best. BTW was it at UCSD by any chance?
Yeah PharmPassion is right. You better still believe in geetting it if you don't get a rejection letter yet
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The interviews I always thought went the worst were the ones that turned out with the best outcomes. It isn't over until you get a rejection letter.
i had a bad interview with nova n still got in...n ive been waitlisted at most of my other "bad interview" schools. there's still a chance! :thumbup:
i want to know what makes up a BAD interview? not able to answer their questions???

maybe u did well but ended up too nervous so thought it was bad?