Bad news for UMDNJ students?

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the Caribbean students are so crappy that they've made one the Chief in the Medicine department:

god, i hope you didn't learn anything from him...

That guy's never been very friendly toward me

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What's your point? It's not that great of a medicine program. There are lots of foreign grads amongst the residents, and some of them become chiefs. Has nothing to do with the medical student experience. It isn't the fact that the additional students are Caribbean that is the problem, it is the fact that there are additional students--lots of them. If they were from Cornell it would be the same problem.
I graduated on an HHc program and yes, local med students( nyu) by choice or force who knows, we're displaced.
But then again, this thread is dead and wether you like it or not, Caribbean grads are here to stay, amg still can't fill them all!