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Bad PCAT Score.. Again.


New Member
Aug 1, 2014
I took my second PCAT today, and I thought I did much better this time around.. Boy was I in for a surprise:
September 2016:
BP: 52 <-- How was this even possible? I know I did much better than this score..
CP: 86
CR: 24
QR: 62
Composite: 58
(The College of Pharmacy I applied to will probably not see this score since I already submitted my PharmCas application for Early Decision.)

July 2016:
BP: 60
CP: 86
CR: 19
QR: 47
Composite: 53

To prepare for the first PCAT, I used Dr. Collins Self-Study (2014), which was probably a bad idea since it's outdated and the PCAT has changed a lot since then..
To prepare for the second PCAT, I purchased 3 Practice Tests from PCAT website, and they did not help me much other than the math subtest..

I can't afford to take another PCAT.. I thought I was well-prepared for these exams.. I guess I'm not a very avid test taker..

My educational background/experiences during my undergraduate studies:
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Computer Science
Honor's College
Overall GPA: 3.73
Research experiences at two different labs
Peer leader/tutor for college-level chemistry
Pre-Pharmacy Club with ~4 active volunteer activities
Shadowing experiences with a clinical Pharmacist
Award from ASPET

Do I still have a chance..?
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Full Member
Jul 18, 2016
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
Your experiences, grades, and extracurriculars seem to outweigh your PCAT scores. If you don't get into your school as an ED applicant, your application will be open again and you will have the option to apply to more schools. Use that to your advantage, there are tons of new schools that would kill to have you join their program. Your chem scores are fairly high, so that might be to your advantage.
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