BCPS Spring 2023 Exam Suggestions

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Hi there! I'd also like to be added to the group. Thanks!

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just realized my email address wasn't shown earlier: [email protected]; I'd like to be added to the dropbox and slack group if both are still available. Thanks!
Hello, I’m planning to take the BCPS exam in spring 2024 can you please add me to both as well?! Thanks. email [email protected]
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I am planning to take it this spring... Have not started studying a thing as yet.. Hoping to start within the next week and do a solid 3 month of studying. I am really not sure if that is enough time though...
Hi there, I’m planning to take BCPS exam in 2024 hopefully. Is there a study group I could join?
Hi there, I’m planning to take BCPS exam in 2024 hopefully. Is there a study group I could join?

Are you in a study group? I am interested in the 2024 exam as well!
I’ve decided that I want to pursue becoming BCPS certified. For those that have taken it, I have a couple questions for you to decide the best way to study for it:
1) On a scale of 1-10, how hard is it?
2) What areas did you focus on the most and the least?
3) After the exam, what areas do you wish you focused on more or less, if any?
4) What resources did you use to prepare for the exam?
5) How long do you believe is an adequate time to study for before taking the exam, if not right out of residency? I have been a practicing pharmacist for 2.5 years in both retail and hospital.

I have the following resources: ASHP BCPS material, the ACCP Clinical Pharmacist’s Guide to Biostatistics and Literature Evaluation book, BCPS Bullets 2022 book, 2022-2023 BCPS Study Guide by RxPharmacist LLC book, and the online Med Ed 101 resources.

Your feedback is much appreciated ahead of time! Since I have a lot of resources, I want to spend my time wisely using the best materials and focusing on the most important areas to study. Also, if anyone else is studying for the Spring BCPS 2023 exam, we could potentially start a study group. Thank you, again!
Hi there!! Would you be able to add me to the group as well? ([email protected])
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