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Dec 5, 2018
Can somebody explain to me how BTC is supposed to be a currency of the future but also a growth asset? If its inherent value is in being used for transactions but everybody is holding onto it because of it's increasing value compared to USD, where does its utility lie?
Multiple cryptos available with BTC being the primary onramp and Ethereum the computer for a lot of the transactions. Stablecoins can fly and are pegged to the dollar and backed dollar to dollar. USDC for example backed by Circle run in the Stellar ecosystem.

XRP looked like it was going to be the primary international currency of choice until SEC lawsuit.

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Mar 26, 2003
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No you are.

Been in the space for years, investing and now building. You come here asking questions, doubting anything I say and spewing nonsense. My advice to you would be comment less and learn from the gems I’m dropping. World is changing fast and you should open your mind to the change that’s occurring.
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