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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by dknykid1980, Jan 18, 2002.

  1. dknykid1980

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    Jul 13, 2001
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    hey all

    I just got a thing in the mail from Ben-Gurion U in Negev (israel) in collaboration with Columbia U in New York. It says its a 4 yr program in beersheva, israel.

    does anyone have any opinions are ideas about it. I've never heard about this school in my life, however, it's in collaboration with Columbia which makes it tempting..

    it says average gpa 3.6; avg mcat 27;

    thanks in advance for replies.

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  3. girl99

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    Dec 7, 2001
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    I got the same thing. The Columbia affiliation also caught my eye, but then I found out that you only take classes at Columbia during your fourth year, and your degree is from Ben-Gurion only. I looked at the application and it had way too many essay questions, which I didn't feel up to doing right now. Plus I'd feel too far away from everything, living in Israel for four years!
  4. is this for jewish applicants only?
  5. EpiII

    EpiII Senior Member

    Oct 26, 2001
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    No this is not just for individuals who are Jews.

    This program has an international focus as well as being focussed on prevention and preventive medicine. I know two individuals there, one is graduating this year (their first graduating class) and one is a first second year. You learn Hebrew and have some good clinical experiences. You are right, you are a foreign medical grad, but many of the profs are known in the US and that helps to get residencies, etc.

    If I had not gotten in this year in CA, I would have applied their next year.

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