Biochemistry Pre-requisite

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Feb 20, 2022
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I have a question about the biochemistry pre-req. I am a post-bacc. Student so I am taking classes here and there from different colleges. I have 2 Biochemistry classes I’m looking at.:
A.) is a 3 credit hours Lecture. Tu_Th. Cheaper college. Smaller class.
B.) is a 5 credit hours Lecture. M_W_F. Large University. Larger class.
My top 2 schools only require 3 credit hours.
My questions are:
1.) Which one would be better to take?
2. Do most dental schools require only 3 credit hours?
3.) Also neither class state that they have a lab, so do we need a lab portion for biochemistry?

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General science courses are usually 3 credit hours; those designated as 4 or 5 credits usually have labs, which are not offered as independent courses. DS generally do not require labs for biochemistry.
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5 hours sounds like there's a lab component that you must take with the lecture. Most schools just want the lecture (3 hours), so I'd opt for the cheaper option if you don't need the lab for a degree.