books for 3rd year that I will like

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Oct 14, 2008
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Hello Everyone,

I just want to know what to buy before hand for 3rd year so I can get them on the cheap as I usually do. Also, so I can get some easy reading in done before the rotations start.

My favorite books so far have been the Lippincott's illustrated reviews series and the big Costanzo physiology book. I don't like reading online things (unless it is really good *uptodate/emedicine) and I hate the bullet point method that is found in first aid and Rapid Review. Some people told me not to buy step up to medicine because of that, sad thing is I can't see inside the book before i buy it.

Anyway, What are some good books written in prose that will help me get a jump start on 3rd year in terms of information and saving money.

Thank you guys take care.

EDIT: I Just realized that we have a clerkship section. Sorry mods and other users.

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There are several threads in the clerkship forum for each rotation. In general, if you like prose, Blueprints series and Case Files series are good choices. Blueprints is just like your typical textbook organized by system or disease, etc. Case Files presents cases of patients and then explains the main disorder present in the case as well as related disorders, with questions at the end of each case. Those 2 sources are pretty good for most rotations, though Step Up to Medicine is probably the most comprehensive review book for Medicine.