Boy Scout Leader Rec Letter?

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Sep 19, 2022
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Would my boy scout troop leader be a good source for a letter of recommendation? I am an Eagle Scout, but I stopped being involved with the troop when I was about 19 (freshman year). The vast majority of my experience with my troop leader would've been when I was 13-19, so would this be a good person to ask? I think it would be pretty unique, and he knows all my strengths and weaknesses pretty well. Thanks!

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Highly unusual and not ideal. We are more interested in people who know you as an adult, particularly in classroom and employment settings. The typical letter writers are faculty who have taught you in the classroom and/or lab, supervised you in a lab, or served as a coach, moderator, or director in their role with a group you were part of in college or later.
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IMO, too long ago to be strong. If you, say, kept working with this troop as an assistant leader or something, that would be fine.

My general advice to students is that almost nothing from before college should be included in an application unless it was something truly outstanding.
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