California Northstate University Post-Baccalaureate Program 2017-2018 Cohort

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Meredith or CNSU's post-bac, which is better?

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I recently got accepted to California Northstate University's Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate program as well as Meredith College's Pre-Health Post-Bac and would like to know everyone's opinion on these two programs in comparison to others. Although there are many positive comments about Meredith that can be found on SDN, not so much for CNSU. I would really like feedback from those who experienced either of these programs or know someone who has, but please feel free to leave your thoughts.

California Northstate University

Pros: 87.5% med school acceptance. Linkage Agreement with CNSU SOM.
Cons: For-Profit University. No Positive Reviews Online. $32k Tuition. Most Matriculate to CNSU's SOM.

Meredith College

Pros: 80-90% medical school matriculation. $16k tuition. Positive Reviews Online.
Cons: No Linkage Agreement.

I was recently rejected to UCSD and SFSU's post-bacs, as a sidenote.

Thank you,
A student on the Academic Enhancer track.

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Decent enough to get into a few different post-baccs, but I am a Academic Enhancer. I don't need personalized advising, I need a general opinion on CNSU's Post-Bacc program or an experience detailing the coursework/success rate.