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  1. jyy3gx

    Post bacc programs for "In-betweeners"?

    Hello I am an "ex-premed" who did premed and computer engineering until my 2nd year and now after graduating want to go back and prepare for med school. After some days of research, I have found out that most schools only have career-changers or career-enhancers programs, and I couldn't find...
  2. N

    NIH IRTA Application Advice?

    Hi all, I recently have gotten an interview (really excited and nervous!) for an IRTA position at the NIH and I am wondering if anyone who has been an IRTA or who is currently an IRTA has any insight onto how it is working in research at the NIH (e.g. research productivity, opportunities to...
  3. T

    One W during the First Post-bacc semester-- Considering undergrad mistakes, should I abandon hope?

    Hello! I'll start with the bad stuff: I've dropped chem 1 twice in undergrad. As a non-trad this time, in my first post-bacc semester I had to drop a chem 1 lab portion because a B- wouldn't be possible after I missed early deadlines on some detailed lab reports. The good part: I have A's in...
  4. L

    Under 3.0 sGPA. Still viable for a good optometry school?

    Hello! From calculating my GPA, I ran into a problem - my sGPA is right under a really high 2.9. To explain this number, the sGPA was raised from a lower level by a massive post-bacc effort, which spanned for years, that consisted of many upper-division science courses with hundreds...
  5. ToothSleuth_93

    I didn't get in to Dental School... Here's what I did! - Success Story

    This thread is for those of you who got rejected or are still waiting for an acceptance letter for this dental school application cycle and don't know what to do next... I am currently a third year dental student at the Kornberg School of Dentistry of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA...
  6. DoctoOcto

    Gen Chem II - Easy Prof/"Less" Learning vs. Harder Prof/"More" Learning

    I'm about to sign up for gen chem 2 for life scientists for Winter 2020, and I'm stuck between 2 choices. There's 2 sections, and one of the professors (Prof A) is the one I have Gen Chem I with currently. His exams are easy and straightforward, but he seems to skip over some things that other...
  7. W

    Need Advice -- Low GPA

    Hey everyone, Reapplicant here. Applied to about 26 schools this cycle in AACOMAS (second cycle). I've been getting rejections even quicker than last cycle. Need some guidance on how to prepare if I do have to reapply? My application from last cycle differs by 4 more post-bacc credits (got an...
  8. O

    *Official CSU East Bay PHAP 2020-2021

    Hi All! Starting a thread since I did not see any for this cycle. I was recently accepted into CSUEB's PHAP program for the AET/Track-II path (I'm pre-PA). I wanted to see if anyone has accepted their admissions? And if any current or graduated students from the program have feedback on if...
  9. F

    Post-Bach Programs for Re-applicant LECOM vs. OSU COM

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some general advice on my situation. I have a number of conundrums. Any constructive advice is most welcome. Thank you! My Stats: B.S. in Biology from University of Wisconsin Madison (2017) Certificate (Minor) in Classical and Near Eastern...
  10. B

    IHME PBF 2019 Application

    Has anyone applied for the IHME post-bac this year? I assume you received the email saying we'd be notified of whether we are invited for an interview by January 29th (and the interviews are February 8-10).That initially surprised me because it seemed quite fast and ahead of the schedule from...
  11. amalia23

    Bryn Mawr/ Goucher Interview Experiences? (recent preferred)

    Hi! Can anyone tell me what the interviews were like for either Bryn Mawr or Goucher? I'm nervous for mine and it would help to have an idea of what to expect. Thanks! Amalia23
  12. Argentarius

    Undergraduate Courses During Grad School

    Because I'm gonna take some undergraduate-level courses during grad school (at the same school where I'm doing my masters) would they end up in my normal GPA/sGPA or in my graduate GPA?
  13. C

    MD & DO Getting nervous.. Should I apply OOS? TMDSAS Non-trad - 3.18 cGPA. 4.0 post-bac. 509 MCAT. Good ECs

    I've tried to figure out what chances I have for in-state, but I'm having trouble calculating what my odds are, given my significant post-bacc work, leadership experience, and job history. Anyone have any ideas how a solid year and a half of 4.0 post-bacc influences things like lizzyM and WARS...
  14. Cornfed101

    Scribing and research or non-clinical full time job?

    I would really like to just have a list of "do exactly this and get into medical school," but I know such a thing does not exist. I am finishing up a post-bac in the fall and taking A&P 2 and directed research. This research class will be the only research experience that I have. I have two...
  15. M

    Columbia Post-bacc? Do I have a chance?

    Hi all, I am interested in Columbia’s post-bacc program due to their multiple linkage programs. However, my undergrad GPA is low and I am obviously worried that I’ll immediately be weeded out because of this. I graduated from a top 20 public university (full tuition scholarship) with a 3.13...
  16. H

    Post-bac Plan - Non-trad next steps

    I have a 3.4 from a top 10 University with a Public Health major. After working at a company for a while, I decided to go plan toward nursing school and spent 2 years working part-time while taking community college classes in physiology, nutrition, and some fun classes. I volunteered at a...
  17. B

    Post-Bacc advice.

    Hey all, I need urgent advise on the following: I would like to do a DIY post-bac. I have been out of school for 1 year. I was told that I would need to re-enroll in order to register for classes. However, in order to enroll I can either be a Matriculate or non-matriculate student. The latter...
  18. V

    Post Bac vs SMP ?

    Hi all, I'm currently debating the best way to go about doing a post-bac to improve my credentials before I think about applying. Stats: 3.13 cgpa 2.96 sgpa major: biology competitive liberal arts college ECs: ~100 hours volunteer experience 1 year as research tech at highly ranked medical...
  19. J

    Advice needed for failed post-bac

    Hello, I did a one year post-bac program and didn't do so well. I am on the verge of being terminated from the program because I did not even get a 3.0 . Before post-bac, I applied to dental schools with 3.4 GPA and 19 DAT. I got one interview, but didn't get in. I realize now, that I...
  20. S

    SMP Program Suggestions

    Hey guys. I am thinking about applying to SMPs (still undecided). I know I'm a little late in the game. Should I still apply or not? What are your personal thoughts and experiences? If so, which programs are the best, given the following stats: cGPA - 3.79 sGPA - 3.83 MCAT - 500/503 I...
  21. P

    Post-bacc timeline question!

    Hi everyone! I'm a rising senior and taking a gap year after graduation (i.e., not applying this cycle). I'm thinking of doing a post-bacc during my gap year and am a little confused as to how it works... if I go into a post-bacc should I still apply next cycle and would I interview during the...
  22. J

    To Post-bac or not to post-bac

    Hi everyone! Was hoping to get some advice about what to do with the year coming up. I am applying next month to both MD and DO, though MD is preferred and have also applied for a post-bac master's starting this fall. I think if I do well in the post-bac, I have a really good shot at getting...
  23. F

    Post Bac options

  24. floorsalt

    Does reapplying improve chances over just improving first? (If you listened to the school's advice)?

    Two Scenarios: Scenario 1: I apply to my desired medical school let's call it MedSchoolX, they deny me but give me helpful advice to improve myself as a candidate, they advise me to take Post-bac and improve my MCAT, I then reapply having finished a 1 year post-bac and improved my MCAT to Z...
  25. coolbeans18

    Nursing student -- post-bacc option for MD?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to SDN. I'm a junior year nursing student and I'm looking for some advice. Okay, a quick lay-down on my life. I've always dreamed of going to med school but I'm going to nursing school because my dad who's actually an OB convinced me NOT to because of finances. I was...
  26. T

    Post-bacc vs. Chances with the waitlist

  27. BobertSaget

    Advice: Should I Stay or Should I Go (nah nah nah)

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma... I am a senior about to head into my gap year and planning to apply to dental school in the upcoming cycle. My stats are: Major: Bioinformatics (Biochem+CS) from UofPitt oGPA: 3.75 sGPA: 3.65 DAT: (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): 20/20/23/22/no Shadowing...
  28. uhds

    Colorado Post-Bac

    Heya everyone! Has anyone heard from Colorado's post-bac program?
  29. I

    List of Schools Please?? Low GPA-Average MCAT- Post Bac Student

    Hello. Im currently a California post bac student, finishing up my last semester. My GPA is very low (3.36 as an undergrad, managed to pull it up to 3.39 after first semester of post bac because I got a 3.9 GPA that semester... hoping ill pull it up to 3.42/3.43 by the end of May 2018) I took...
  30. T

    Not Sure When to Apply With My Stats

    Hi Everyone,
  31. Dr. Ozymandias

    Post Bacs are not pro-URM. Thoughts?

    Besides SIU's MedPrep and the UC-Consortium which are for academic enhancers and not career-changers, it seems post-bac programs are not URM-friendly, which is interesting considering the whole point of post-bac programs is to help get people into medical school. My reasoning: 1) Post-bacs are...
  32. N

    Accepted to 1 year postbac at 31 - cold feet?

    Hi there, I've been extremely lucky enough to be accepted to a top 1-year post-bac program with linkage opportunities. For a variety of reasons, I followed a different track in life, and am currently seeing success in the business world. I'm comfortable financially and happy in my role. Though...
  33. PreMedHunter

    Excelsior College Bachelors Of Science in Biology

    Hey guys has anyone heard of Excelsiors Bachelors of science program in Biology? I'm interested in pursuing their degree, of course it will not be online because I plan on attending on campus, to get hand on experience in my labs. Now with that said, I have not ever heard of someone walking into...
  34. AkiraShinichi

    Help! What should I do?

    Hi All, I've been browsing around SDN for awhile now, and as I approach the end of my 4th year of undergraduate I have become unsure of whether I am cut out for Medical School. Long story short, I realized I wanted to go into medical school to become a psychiatrist or neurologist during my 3rd...
  35. U

    Best Path Forward

    Hi, I am a 25 year old graduate of the Biomedical Engineering program at UT - Austin. Recently, I have reconsidered my career path and am trying to best determine may path forward as I begin the application process for med school. My uGPA is a 3.34 I have not taken the MCAT. While I have...
  36. 1

    2018-2019 Scripps College Post-Baccalaureate Program Cycle

    Sorry I posted this in the wrong place. Please ignore!
  37. R

    Post Bac: 3.5 GPA but a very low MCAT

    Hey all, I know that this website is the holy land for guidance so I am reaching out and would like any advice or story about your own personal experience ETC. I've been weighing my options because I have a decent GPA (3.6, science 3.5) but a very low MCAT score. I took the old exam twice...
  38. R

    Forgot to report college course taken in high school to PostBacCas

    I'm a non-trad (2016 college grad) applying to premedical post-baccalaureate programs. Like for med school, they require that you submit transcripts for all institutions ever attended. I'd completely forgotten that I took one summer session general chemistry course in high school and only just...
  39. E

    Post-grad research assistant salary

    I'm going to be graduating in May with a bachelor's in psychology. I want to go into a Clinical Psych PhD program, but several professors that I have emailed basically told me there's no chance they would accept someone straight out of undergrad and I should try to work as a research assistant...
  40. O

    Rice Post-Bacc (Houston)

    Greetings, I am looking for feedback from students with direct experience with the Rice Class III Continuing Studies post-bacc program, particularly as a means of performing a career change to M.D. I have heard it said that '1/4 of Rice graduates attend Baylor,' yet, I have also heard it...