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can you get into med school with a 28-29 MCAT score???

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by dondon, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. dondon

    dondon 7+ Year Member

    Feb 18, 2007
    can you get into med school in the US with a 28-29 on your MCAT????

    do you have to get that 30???
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  3. lsumedgirl

    lsumedgirl Livin' the dream! 2+ Year Member

    May 13, 2006
    Yes. You can get in with a 28.
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  4. OncDoc19

    OncDoc19 MS4 7+ Year Member

    Feb 6, 2007
    Yes, its definately possible. For DO schools you probably won't have any problem. For allo schools you will need to offset a below average MCAT with a good GPA, extensive ECs, a well-written personal statement and an early application (June!).
  5. MoonDoggie

    MoonDoggie \o_o/ 2+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    Yes, you can get in with a 29.
  6. instigata

    instigata 10+ Year Member

    Apr 21, 2006
    I don't doesn't seem like anybody here has below a 30, and SDN represents the ENTIRE matriculant population. ;)
  7. Droopy Snoopy

    Droopy Snoopy 7+ Year Member

    Apr 3, 2006
    The Alamo
    Of course. Remember, 30 is the average for matriculants, which means fully half of the people accepted had a 29 or lower.
  8. QuakerPreMed

    QuakerPreMed 2+ Year Member

    Mar 9, 2007
    Er, that actually doesn't mean that. At least, if I remember anything from would need to examine the median MCAT, and I think 30 is the mean score. I think.

    To the OP: Yes, you can, but if you think you can improve your score by retaking, by all means do so.
  9. TheEleventhReel

    TheEleventhReel Dinkin flicka 5+ Year Member

    Dec 15, 2006
    Yes, you can definately get in w/a 28-29. The least competitive choice for you would probably be DO school, but if you're dead set on having an MD, it is doable. I know 2 guys from my undergrad that got 29's. One had his choice of about 5 MD schools (including UNC, which is pretty competitive). The other also had no problem getting in (albeit he had just finished his masters in molecular biology). If you think you can improve 5-6 points and are really looking for allopathic, it may be worthwhile to take it again if that's the only thing holding you back. If there's a chance that you'll do worse, I wouldn't recommend taking it. I don't know what the rest of your application looks like, but many say that MCAT + GPA gets your foot in the door, and it's the rest of your application that gets you in. It may not be a bad idea for you to check out DO schools, their philosophy, etc. and see if that's something you'd be interested in.
  10. 45408

    45408 aw buddy 7+ Year Member

    Jun 13, 2004
    Definitely. Plenty of my friends from undergrad did just that.
  11. medfool24

    medfool24 A-Squared 5+ Year Member

    Jan 25, 2006
    Umm...No. The Median is when half of the people score above or below a number. The average is just the total of the scores divided by how many scores there were.
  12. Kfire326

    Kfire326 7+ Year Member

    Mar 2, 2007
    Yes you can. I got in this year with a 29P.
  13. Agent Splat

    Agent Splat Viruses? Don't Exist. 10+ Year Member

    it's also possible with a 27.
  14. Robizzle

    Robizzle 1K Member 2+ Year Member

    May 28, 2006
    Boston & NYC
    Got in with a 29N.
  15. dondon

    dondon 7+ Year Member

    Feb 18, 2007
    thanks for the quick replies!

    Im just getting upper 20's on my practice MCATs and I'm taking the real thing in 2 weeks... so I was kind of freaking out...

    I feel a little better now.
  16. Cozminator

    Cozminator 2+ Year Member

    Mar 23, 2007
    The figure you guys are looking for is the "mode", which is the most frequently achieved score. There can be more than one mode for any group of numbers.
  17. IDontKnow

    IDontKnow 2+ Year Member

    Oct 24, 2006
    Yes Yes Yes Yes
  18. ghip

    ghip Member 2+ Year Member

    Jul 29, 2006
    There was this kid who went to highschool with me. He wore these glasses with thick black plastic rims and hiked his pants up above his belly button. He walked very quickly and would hug the wall, looking straight down at the carpet ahead of him to avoid eye contact. Everyone thought he must be brilliant because he was such a stereotypical nerd. Funny thing though, I ran into him years later, when he was working as a guard for a security firm called 'two-star security'.
  19. Tired Pigeon

    Tired Pigeon 7+ Year Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    I personally know someone who got into a US allo school with a 23. :eek:
  20. ghip

    ghip Member 2+ Year Member

    Jul 29, 2006
    I wonder if anyone will get my hilarious joke.
  21. Critical Mass

    Critical Mass Guest

    Feb 23, 2007
    My school has gone down to a 24 before, but it's usually to include URM's or something like that.

    Typically a 30 at my school for an in-state applicant is good-to-go. Waitlist is usually 26-28ish.

    The answer to your question depends completely on where you live. I doubt that many folks in Cali or Washington would agree that a sub-30 MCAT is acceptable for admission.
  22. C.P. Jones

    C.P. Jones Catface Majigger 7+ Year Member

    Jun 9, 2005
    for the purposes of this thread:

    280 first time
    29Q second time

    this cycle:
    11 MD interviews offered
    2 acceptances and the rest are combinations of WL, a bunch i'm still waiting to hear from since i'm on post-int hold, and declined a few)

    I applied in June, I had taken the MCAT for the previous cycle...vastly improved my AMCAS essays...all of them, not just PS

    soo....yea...of course it's possible, and probably not as hard as people make it seem. in no way is MD a long shot as long as you have good experiences/gpa/application
  23. O Face

    O Face Ohh Ohh Ohh 2+ Year Member

    Mar 19, 2007
    Yeah, I got accepted to 4 schools after being on their waiting list with a 29 overall score. But this was a few years ago. I still think a 29 is good, especially if your extra curriculars and GPA are solid (3.5 or higher).

    But on the flip side of the token, I was scared about not having that 30. I underestimated the verbal. Don't underestimate the verbal.
  24. gary5

    gary5 Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Sep 24, 2003
    24 is ridiculous. Talk about underqualified.
  25. lilnoelle

    lilnoelle Moderator Emeritus 7+ Year Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    I had a 28N and am an M1. I also only applied to 4 allo and 1 osteo. 3 interviews and two acceptances.
    As with anything, you can't plan on this working out for you (i.e. thinking because some people got in with a 28 or lower means that you will have the same experience) but it certainly is possible and probably happens a lot more than is shown on SDN.
  26. docolive

    docolive DOColive 5+ Year Member

    Jun 23, 2005

    Speaking from experience with this exam, just go in there and do your best. Don't worry so much about your practice scores because you may improve by a number of pts or dec. a little bit depending on that test and that day. Nobody can tell you that you will or will not get in with X score because this process is so tight with the number of applicants.
  27. Droopy Snoopy

    Droopy Snoopy 7+ Year Member

    Apr 3, 2006
    The Alamo
    Sorry for the misspeak OP, but considering such a large pool of applicants it comes to nearly the same thing. The median is probably slightly higher but still fairly close to 30.
  28. Vano

    Vano 7+ Year Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Yes, I know people who got into decent and good programs in Midwest with below 30 MCATs. I applied to 9 schools(late summer/early fall) and already got into 2 and still waiting on 4 with a 29 and a 3.9 (didn't feel the need to retake it and waste a summer 'cause I knew I could get in) So it's doable, but you don't want to have all stats be below average, make ECs, personal statement, GPA offset a lower MCAT score and don't wait until the last moment to beat the deadline, apply early
  29. senioritaelena

    senioritaelena Let's go 2+ Year Member

    Nov 3, 2006
    Ontario, Canada
    Yup, 28 R and I am in.
  30. silverlining1

    silverlining1 7+ Year Member

    Oct 9, 2006
  31. MaximusD

    MaximusD Anatomically Incorrect Physician 10+ Year Member

    Aug 8, 2006
    State of Delirium
    It's all about a balance. I have a 32 MCAT but it seems that I didn't get much of a shot at any of the allo schools due to my 3.25 GPA.

    If your total package is solid, you will get into an allopathic medical school if you apply broadly. Someone with a 28+ MCAT combined with a 3.5+ GPA is very likely to gain admission. You can increase one and lower the other slightly, but the overall package must appear strong. I suspect that 3.25 was low enough to raise some red flags. An educated guess from watching this cycle would be that, in general, you start to get into the red when scores are less than 27 MCAT or 3.4 GPA. Up until those cutoffs, it seems as though there is wiggle room -- GPA can offset MCAT and vice versa.

    By the way, I was taking Kaplan and was scoring consistent 29s on the full-length exams. Test day saw a 3-point jump.

    Best of luck. :luck:
  32. SalseraDoctora

    SalseraDoctora Senior Member 5+ Year Member

    Apr 13, 2006
    East Coast somewhere
    I got a 29P, and I'm in to an allopathic school (and I am a non-trad non-URM).
  33. Critical Mass

    Critical Mass Guest

    Feb 23, 2007
    Well I won't mention some of the numbers for osteo schools I'm familiar with then. The USMLE will weed out if people can't pass in any case.

    As to the low bar, it's called "People/doctors don't want to move here to practice, so we'll instead try to recruit from within." Best advice for allo school admissions--move to the reddest state you can find. You'll turn that "not even interviewed" status to "interviewed, accepted" in no time.
  34. DocOB

    DocOB 2+ Year Member

    Nov 19, 2006
    Gladwin, Michigan
    Just kidding, I got in with a 28Q
  35. redsoxfan

    redsoxfan Senior Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 17, 2005
    hahaha darnit, why'd my parents have to raise me in the bluest state u can find....
  36. sarahjay

    sarahjay Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 5, 2006
    <----- 28 r with 3 acceptances.
  37. ShyRem

    ShyRem I need more coffee. Physician Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Jun 17, 2004
    Where I hang my hat.
    There's more to the eye than numbers. I had a 29 MCAT and only ONE allo interview. Not even my state school. There are lots of other factors - your state of residence (CA is tough - so are a few others), your MCAT, your ECs, your LORs, and other things you can't change (your age, your race, etc.).

    Just the 29 MCAT won't save your skin here if all you're interested in is allo schools.
  38. Critical Mass

    Critical Mass Guest

    Feb 23, 2007
    redsoxfan, you don't live in Massachusetts, do ya? Man the schools up there draw thousands of applications! Does anybody know if BU has hit 10K yet?

    Seems like the last time I checked, Mississippi had ~225 applicants for 100 spots and only let state residents in. Toss in the fact that the tuition was sub 10K as of a couple of years ago, and it would seem to be the ideal place to raise a wannabe doc.

    Contrast with UW (also in a state with only one school)-160ish slots for ~950 resident applicants.

    The best thing that you can do to get into med school is live in a place that needs doctors.
  39. ihatepaperwork

    ihatepaperwork 2+ Year Member

    Mar 6, 2007
    Actually, I would GUESS that the median is below 30 (or whatever a school's given average is). My reasoning is that at any given school, people with above the school's average MCAT get in regardless of their score (so, you have 39, 40, etc pulling up the average), but people don't typically get in with 21, 20, etc. Instead, I would expect to see some people at the high range MCAT score, with many people above the average, but then I would expect a whole lot of people within a couple below the average MCAT (or something like that-I don't have any exact numbers). Does my reasoning make sense?

    If not, try plugging in your own made up numbers and calculating a mean and median-my major assumption is that people below some score almost never get in. I think this is valid, I guess 2% of students get 19 or below (since 37 is 98 percentile and both are 9 away from mean of 28), but while about 100% of 37's get in, about 0% of 19's get in.).
  40. redsoxfan

    redsoxfan Senior Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 17, 2005
    i do indeed hail from MA and sadly yes BU has reached 10,000 apps and UMass's avg MCAT is I think 33 (i only have a 31). if i had to do it all over again, aside from having a higher undergrad gpa, i would consider obtaining out of state residency, since mine has shown me no love...
  41. Soccer885

    Soccer885 Senior Member 2+ Year Member

    Jun 6, 2006
    I got into a US allo med school with a 27R. However I have an extremely good GPA to off set the lower MCAT. It can be done with a 27,28, or 29, I just think it is an uphill battle. Good luck!
  42. Kingfish

    Kingfish New Member 5+ Year Member

    Aug 15, 2006
    I just talked to my friend who got in with a 26 and 3.2. However, he is also first author on a paper concerning heart CT optimization and received a 25K grant. That could have something to do with it.
  43. jstuds_66

    jstuds_66 Free cat to a good home 5+ Year Member

    Apr 24, 2006
    This thread is making me sad. I didn't get in this year. I have a 29R, excellent GPA, good EC's and I think I have a well written PS. Maybe I just didn't apply to the right schools. I applied early and was complete everywhere in August. Now, I think I'm going to have to take the MCAT again so I have a better chance. In sum, it is possible, but it'd probably be easier with a higher score.
  44. batman1983

    batman1983 10+ Year Member

    Mar 4, 2007
    It depends on multiple factors:
    1. If you are a minority with those stats and a descent GPA(3.5 or above), you might even get into an Ivy or top tier school: Witness this BS:
    2. If you live in a state with a shortage of doctors, such as Alabama, Kansas, and etc, their schools have lower standards for acceptance relative to the UCs and SUNYs.
    3. Extracurricular activities can make a difference as well.
    4. LORs and personal statements
  45. Critical Mass

    Critical Mass Guest

    Feb 23, 2007
    Your location says it all.

    I think that Dre and Tupac got it right in '95...

    "Now let me welcome everybody to the wild, wild west
    A state that's untouchable like Elliot Ness
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    It's all good, from Diego to tha Bay
    Your city is tha bomb if your city makin pay
    Throw up a finger if ya feel the same way
    Dre puttin it down for

    "Out on bail fresh outta jail, California dreamin
    Soon as I stepped on the scene, I'm hearin hoochies screamin
    Fiendin for money and alcohol
    The life of a west side playa where cowards die and its all ball
    Only in Cali where we riot not rally to live and die
    In L.A. we wearin Chucks not Ballies (that's right)
    Dressed in Locs and khaki suits and ride is what we do
    Flossin but have caution we collide with other crews
    Famous because we program worldwide
    Let'em recognize from Long Beach to Rosecrans
    Bumpin and grindin like a slow jam, it's west side
    So you know the row won't bow down to no man
    Say what you say
    But give me that bomb beat from Dre
    Let me serenade the streets of L.A.
    From Oakland to Sacktown
    The Bay Area and back down
    Cali is where they put they mack down
    Give me love!"

    LifetimeDoc had the same issue. :luck: :)

    batman--I'm from Kansas and also interviewed at UAB. True, both give about 50/50 odds of acceptance for in-staters due to demand, but that's about the only similarity between the schools. I have some colleagues who would prefer that you substitute the term "lower standards" with "different emphases." I used to wonder why the midwest state schools didn't just fill with 30+ MCAT blue state rejects and make a pretty penny off of the added oos tuition, but I think that the lower standards are imposed upon them by their state legislatures.
  46. batman1983

    batman1983 10+ Year Member

    Mar 4, 2007
    Nice one about CA and sorry about the terminology for Kansas and UAB. I totally agree with you about Kansas and UAB, both are great schools. I have heard many great things about UAB in particular. But, public schools always want to have a preference for instate candidate because their taxes pay for the school and they are more likely to state in the state after school. Unfortunately, I live in CA, where the is lots of competition for the UCs(according to what I heard, its due to a disproportionate amount apply of residents apply relative to the number of medical schools, would appreciate it if someone could verify that). If I was from Alabama or Kansas, I would go to either school in a heartbeat.
  47. geogil

    geogil Still training. 7+ Year Member

    May 1, 2006
    OP, I just got in to an allo school with a 29P, so you can do it. You just need to have a nice well rounded application, because contrary to SDN wisdom, there are more factors in med school admissions than your GPA and MCAT. I had 3 interviews total, so don't sweat the MCAT unless you don't get any interviews at all, then you might reconsider retaking.
  48. Critical Mass

    Critical Mass Guest

    Feb 23, 2007
    Much respek. :thumbup:

    Yeah I can verify what you say about Cali, and I know a few west coast natives who have gotten into Kansas (though more commonly places like SLU) but not their home state as a result of your correct reasoning.

    MSAR data supports the following for Californ-I-A... 2,500 to 5,000 resident applications at each state med school for 70-120 slots apiece. As a result, typical MCAT medians at the Cali houses are 10-11-11 (Irvine, Davis) or 11-12-12 (LA, SD, SF). Tough odds. :luck:
  49. tkatchev

    tkatchev 2+ Year Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    NM, x'd out sarcasm.
  50. Soccer885

    Soccer885 Senior Member 2+ Year Member

    Jun 6, 2006
    The first time I took the MCAT (April) i got a 24Q and was very disappointed. I took the MCAT again in August and got a 27R, still pretty disappointing but at least it was an improvement. I applied to only two US allopathic schools (not smart) but was accepted to one and placed on the high tier waitlist at the other (was told I will be offered an acceptance because I am that high on the list). I had good EC's and an excellent GPA. I think there are many factors that help in getting accepted and the MCAT is just one of them (but it is a major one). You should take the MCAT again and do the best you can, I am a firm believer that you don't have to have a 30 to get in but you will need something to off set a lower score (such as a great GPA). Best of luck to you!
  51. jbar

    jbar Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 18, 2005
    to the OP, I found the real MCAT easier than the practice tests. My real score was 3 points higher than my best practice test. So hammer hard for the next two weeks on your weakest subject and don't worry. If you're getting high 20s on the practice breaking thirty on the real deal def possible.

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