Can't believe this AMCAS email about transcripts


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Jun 27, 2001
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    I can't believe this. I mailed in all my transcripts back in June and since then I have called about 4 times to verify that they were received. I was told they were. Today i got an email saying that all of my transcripts are now missing. This is absolutely ridiculous! I just wanted to know if anyone is in the same situation... :mad:


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    Jun 29, 2001
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      I got it a few weeks ago too. Then I called and asked to speak to a supervisor, they pulled up my record and indeed the "missing" transcript was not missing. I think they accidentally send out that email to a lot of people. If you called before and your transcripts were there, they probably still are. But call if you want to make yourself feel better. BTW, I got processed yesterday, so there is hope.


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      Feb 11, 2000
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        I got the same email, weeks after emailing them and having verified that all my transcripts were in. It's actually really funny & damning because I've got it all in writing.... Anyhow, I emailed them back and asked them to check up on their info and haven't heard back, except that the application has been verified and sent off. I'm just leaving the damn thing alone. :eek: :eek:
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        Jan 18, 2001
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          It happened to me as well. They verified that my transcripts were there in August, then sent me an e-mail saying my transcripts were missing. My transcripts were mailed to AMCAS June 1, my application submitted July 6, confirmation of receipt of transcripts August 4, butI have not been verified yet. I got the e-mail that my transcripts were missing on October 10.


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          Jun 14, 2001
          Iowa City, IA
            Be careful if you have transcripts in a name different from your current name. The transcripts in my maiden name were listed as missing when AMCAS went to verify my application. Despite the fact that we were required to list alternate names on our applications, AMCAS doesn't seem to use that info (or bother to look).

            Bottom line: If they say you are missing transcripts, they may be only looking for your current name.
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