1. DysonPhilips

    Questions for the experienced radiologist...

    Good evening, I've developed an interest in x-ray sources and imaging techniques. There is a lot of great information out there but I feel there is gaps in my knowledge of the subject. Below I included a list of questions for anyone to answer. I don't expect one person to answer them all so I...
  2. D

    Can you do a dual degree MPH program if selected for the NHSC scholarship?

    Hello, everyone! I know this cycle hasn't even opened yet, but a huge goal of mine is to be able to complete an MPH degree while a dental school. I'm interested in applying for this scholarship, but I would reconsider if they wouldn't allow me to do the dual degree in dental school.
  3. W

    GPA and personal well being

    *from a stressed out second year who just finished a frustrating exam* Feel free to respond to this in any direction you choose. I’m honestly just looking for an affinity group here. To those who are entering the realm of epidemiology and public health, can you speak to the value of...
  4. germindian123

    Rochester Perio Program !!

    Hello guys! I was wondering if anyone had any info on Eastman Oral Health Rochester Perio program. I know the director is Dr. Caton. I asked the perio chair at my school and he said he did not know as much about the program. Please PM me if you have any current info! Thank you!
  5. Franzliszt1

    Mental health issues and secondaries

    Dear SDN, Hope you all are doing well. What is the general wisdom about invoking experiences with my own mental health on a short secondary essay about "obstacles" or "challenges"ect..? Would I be better off discussing financial difficulties? Any and all opinions are appreciated.
  6. F

    Volunteer experience NOT through organization

    Can I count clinical volunteer hours that was not through a hospital or hospice? For example, if I volunteer for a sick special needs boy in his home and give him meds and feed him, can that count as patient care? (I am not related to the boy personally nor do I know him personally. I was asked...
  7. LeafyBreeze

    How to manage your period during med school

    Sorry I know this is probably super tmi but the worry has been eating at me for a while now. I just got accepted into med school and I’m totally excited! But I have REALLY bad periods every month that last 4-6 days and are really painful and often leave me bedridden due to the pain/nausea/ect...
  8. P

    Health Insurance between Residency & Fellowship

    My residency ends on June 30 and my fellowship starts on July 15 so I have at least 2 weeks of no health insurance coverage for both myself and my husband (a freelancer with no employer-assisted health coverage). It will actually be more than 2 weeks since I doubt my fellowship health coverage...
  9. lovehate

    AAMC immunization

    I was accepted to multiple medical school, but none of them send me anything regarding the required immunization or other health screening. Are we supposed do them ourselves, or should I wait until they send me the required forms.
  10. MedicalDoge

    All Help Welcome! Emory v Miami v Dartmouth

    Hello again! I have narrowed my choices down to 3 awesome programs. I can't believe I am in such a blessed position. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am leaning towards Emory or Miami at this point. My general interests are in neurology/neuropath, infectious disease, and pathology...
  11. K

    Why aren't Optometrists considered specialists?

    Its been bothering me for some time now, perhaps someone can explain, but why aren't optometrists treated the same way medical professionals/general public treat dentists? Aren't they both parallel to each other in the sense that dentists focus on oral health and optometrists focus on visual/eye...
  12. U

    2018 MHA Summer Internship Progress

    I am currently a MHA student in a lower ranked school in the midwest. I am, like the rest of us, applying for internships for this upcoming summer, and I would like to see how progress is for other MHA students that are applying for summer internships. I have applied to many hospitals...
  13. sdlrxo

    MD How do you feel about Physician-Assisted Suicide?

    Please take the following survey if you would like to share your opinion. :)
  14. I

    Standard Operating procedure of the Pharmacy Investigation and Research Department

    I am currently on my drug policy APPE rotation and my longitudinal project is to create another standard operating policy and procedure document that will guide the pharmacy Investigation and research department of the hospital.The last document has not being updated since the year 2013. I...
  15. 6

    Sooo Pre-Med or Healthcare Administration?

    Bare with me, this is gonna be a long post but only because I feel that all the details mentioned are important. So my life plan since like 8 was to be a doctor which was my main motivation growing up to be a good student which paid off because I was able to get a highly ranked private...
  16. AMA2013

    Patient Recommendations

    What journals/websites are you using to stay current on your recommendations to patients? What topics have you been looking up recently?
  17. AMA2013

    Patient Health Recommendations

    What journals/websites are you using to stay current on your recommendations to patients? What topics have you been looking up recently?
  18. 6

    PhD/PsyD Newbie looking for insights from Health Psychology PhD students

    Hi all, Throughout college I had aspired towards a career in medicine; I've completed all medical school prerequisites, majored in molecular biology, and have an ample amount of clinical/patient care and science research experience to be a competitive applicant. But lo and behold, since I...
  19. Char_Beyy

    Survey for Extended Project

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could do my online survey for my extended project as it is part of my college course. It is in regards to fibromyalgia which has a considerable link to women's health. Fibromyalgia Questionnaire Survey
  20. JackJack1994

    Public Health Specialty Help

  21. RogueBanana


    NEJM-Kathryn I don't know if this has been posted already. Thoughts?
  22. Maylily7

    PA School Admissions/Advice on how to get in?

    Hello, my name is Maylily7! I really want to become a PA and apply to PA school upon graduation. What I would appreciate is advice to secure an acceptance and the likelihood I can get into one of these programs. Also, if you have any personal admissions stories I'd be happy to hear them! I just...
  23. C

    Research Coordinator Job Opening - Drexel University WELL Center

    Applicants are being sought for a half-time or full-time research coordinator position in the WELL Center (an expansion of the Laboratory for Innovations in Health-Related Behavior Change) at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, under the direction of Dr. Evan Forman. Drs. Forman, Butryn, and...
  24. D

    World Health Organisation internship?

    Hello! I am a university student from North America, and I'm very interested in applying to a WHO internship at the headquarters this year. If you are a past intern, could I ask you some questions about the application process, your day-to-day life in the Office, your area of work, etc? Feel...
  25. C

    Environmental Health MPH

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to see who out there is in/currently apply to/thinking about a MPH in Environmental Health. If you are a current student: how do you like your program If you are applying: where are you applying/which school are you leaning towards?
  26. N

    Health Information Technician (Medical Records)

    This thread has been deleted.
  27. M

    Cardiac Monitoring?

    Hey Guys, I am the founder of a company that is attempting to educate the general public about cardiac health and help them better understand their overall health. Wristbeat is changing how people approach their heart health by providing them with the tools and knowledge to understand and...
  28. K

    Failed Same Pre-Reqs Twice? Should I give up?

    Not sure where to begin, as this year has thrown me through a loop. I started off this last year a sophomore at a smaller state school in my home state, I was a member of the Honor’s Society and my GPA was 3.75. This year I had some health issues that greatly impacted my school, I went back...
  29. DansStudentDocRole

    Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances to get into a great med school?

    To Whom It May Concern: Hi. I'm premed. I'm a college senior. I work as a NY hospital nurse attenant and I'm about to become a Union Delegate (healthcare insurance Workers pay organization). Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances into getting accepted into a medical school? I ask...
  30. M

    Should I include my own health history in my personal statement?

    Since I was born, I have had severe food allergies (wheat, eggs, nuts, peas, beans, etc.), asthma and scoliosis. This meant that I spent many hours in doctors offices and hospitals growing up and forming relationships with healthcare providers. While they have sometimes seemed like roadblocks...
  31. G

    What are your views about the "War on Drugs"?

    Hi everyone! I am not a med student but I do want to know what are the views of the health experts when we talk about the "War on Drugs". Is it already dead?
  32. selena

    For Sale The most popular MEDICAL and BIOLOGY BOOKS " Physiology,Genetics,Anatomy,Health,Fitness

    Today i bring you a list of most famous MEDICAL AND BIOLOGY BOOKS but this time ,in digital format (PDF) with many Features , the most important is low cost compared to the paper books (Students can save up to 80% when buying online version) and all other advantage of PDF BOOKS...
  33. younggotti

    Global Health?

    Hey all, I get that MD=DO and that you can practice abroad as a DO in a bunch of countries and join medical missions to basically all there are, but would anyone happen to know how international organizations involved in global health consider DO vs MD applicants? I'm talking about things like...
  34. S

    The All-Encompassing, "What are my chances" thread!

    Hey everyone, I am an undergraduate student pursuing my degree in Health Management online through Northeastern University. I would like to one day get my MPH in Health Policy and Management, but since I'm taking my classes online I'm confused about what I'll do about my letters of...
  35. N

    PCAT Essay!

    Hey, I'm taking the PCAT in a couple days and I was just worried about the essay question. Are there any general solutions to a broad range of problems that anyone has come up with? I know there's advertising that can work for most, but that seems so cliche. I tried reading the Kaplan essay...