1. H

    Advice for Shadowing Doctors

    Hi, I'm a rising sophomore on a pre-med path and I was wondering if anyone has any advice for shadowing doctors. With the pandemic taking place I was going to focus on shadowing as well as volunteer work in my area. It would be my first time shadowing doctors and I don't exactly know what I'm...
  2. S

    RCSI Foundation year curriculum

    I got accepted to the 6-year medicine program at RCSI-MUB. I was wondering if anyone who has gone to RCSI and taken the foundation year could tell me about the topics usually taught. I will be joining the school after 2 gap years so I wanted to review the relevant materials and get a jump start...
  3. A

    NP Student thinking about going pre-med

    Hello, my name is anonymousman. I am 25 years old. I have been a nurse for three years. I currently work part time and I am in nurse practitioner school. I am halfway done with the program. I will be done with NP school this December if I hustle or next May if I take my time. I am underwhelmed...
  4. J

    Should I do medicine overseas?

    Hello! I'm a Singaporean who is thinking of accepting an offer by University of auckland for the MBChB programme. I've been told that, upon graduation, i will be able to practice in Australia as well as Singapore cuz its under the second schedule. But I know of the internship crisis in both...
  5. rcollinb

    Brown University Gateway - Medical Sciences Graduate Program

    Hi folks, I am actually pre-dental, but figured this would be more relevant here. I am applying to the Warren Alpert Gateway program for Medical Sciences at Brown University. The application is due mid May, but the program does not start until mid to late July. Would I have to be completely...
  6. L

    Barry University BMS Spring 2019

    Hey, I just recently got accepted to the barry university biomedical sciences program. I was wondering what to expect from the program and if anyone else is entering during the spring semester?
  7. A

    Is there any benefit for me staying in state? (Texas resident)

    Say for example I get accepted to both UIWSOM and LECOM (I currently have interviews for both). LECOM is WAY cheaper than UIWSOM which makes it pretty attractive. UIWSOM is about 56k per year tution and LECOM is around 32k. However, UIWSOM is in my home state of Texas, and im not sure if that...
  8. M

    Bad MCAT Score

    So I don't want to go into too much detail, but basically I studied full-time for 2 months this summer without any distractions. I got 500 on my first AAMC FL and then 504 on my second AAMC FL (three days before the test). Just got my score back today and I got a 498... I bombed the science...
  9. ToothJockey

    Why are Match rates so low in dentistry?

    Most specialties in dentistry hover around a 50-60% match rate. However in Medicine most specialties have 90%+ match rates, and even the toughest specialties such as Derm/Ortho/Neurosurg all have match rates 75%+. Med students make it seem as if specializing in Derm is almost impossible, you...
  10. A

    LECOM - Elmira, NY campus

    This is a new LECOM school opening in Elmira NY. Does anyone know how the rotation sites are or if they have any input on the pros and cons of this campus? Should I apply to a more reputable location like LECOM-erie, Pennsylvania or should I apply to this new york campus? not sure what to do.
  11. king17887

    Med School List Help. 3.95 sGPA 510 MCAT

    Hey everyone! I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a critical review of my med school list. I just want to make sure I'm doing well with targeting schools that I will fit best in. Thanks in advance! Stats: Resident of AL, cGPA: 3.97, sGPA: 3.95 MCAT: 510 Research: 1600 hrs - 1...
  12. I

    Recommended personal loans?

    I have run out of money during medical school, and I won't be able to make it through the summer. I talked to my friends and I think a big difference between them and me is that I have to pay $3000 for health insurance every year and $2400 every year for credit card debt (which I used to pay for...
  13. C

    How's my school list?

    Hi there! I currently attend an Ivy League school in New York state. I have a 3.87 GPA, 518 MCAT and 74.7 LizzyM score 100 hrs of clinical shadowing where I shadowed obstetricians, RNs, NPs, and attended morning round meetings 3000 hrs of research during undergrad 4 publications as co-author...
  14. C

    Overcoming setbacks?

    How do y’all overcome setbacks? Two years ago I took Orgo for the first time. In six weeks over the summer. Didn’t do well. Had to withdraw :( retook in the fall for a C. Pulled a C in Orgo II as well. Went through a bad semester. Really disappointed and frustrated with my grades. Really mad...
  15. Aisreb

    Residency Match: bias?

    I am an incoming MD student in the fall, and am making my final choice for the institution I will attend. I was wondering if there’s any in-state bias for residency matches. i.e. Will I necessarily have a greater chance of attending a California residency if I attend a California Medical school...
  16. W

    Productive vacation activities

    Hey guys, I'm a second year medical student in the UK, currently wondering what I could fill the long vacation (running from June to October) with. Trying to find things that either boost my CV or provide experience I will find useful. I have ambitions of entering surgery (neuro and...
  17. Friendly MichaelMyers

    Anatomy preparation

    Hello. I heard from med school students that preparing for anatomy ahead of the class makes the class easier. I have never taken anatomy and I am wondering how I could best prepare for it. I decided to memorize as much as I can from the atlas. I looked at the atlas and then closed the book. I...
  18. K


    Does anyone have any info on how good this program is or been through this program? Thanks.
  19. K

    SMP Programs

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could make opinions or comments on the following SMPs and which one they would recommend. If a medical student from the program could comment or PM me, that would be great too! My GPAs so far... cGPA: 3.5 sGPA: 3.4 MCAT: Not taken yet... Rosalind Franklin...
  20. S

    cant decide between dental or medical

    for all the experienced international doctors and dentists, 1.I am US citizen who did highschool in india and going to an indian university next year, however, my main goal is to settle in the united states. I'm having a tough time deciding between medical or dental (yes,I am aware that...
  21. K

    I can't make up my mind! (Long)

    I am completely unable to decide what career path I would like to pursue. Unlike most of my classmates, I did not have a firm career path in mind during high school, but thought this was normal at the time. After graduating I decided to save money by completing coursework part-time at a local...
  22. M


    No views, no cry.
  23. L

    M1 Summer-Research at home institution or elsewhere?

    I'm a current M1 looking at summer research options, and am deciding whether to stick with the ones available at my home institution or at a different one. My home institution is in the south and isn't very high ranked, and I'd like to end up doing my residency at a higher-ranked institution on...
  24. O

    Possibility of a transfer to an EU medical faculty from a Non-Eu one

    Hi there, I'm a non-eu citizen now doing my 5th year at Near East University of Northern Cyprus (Non-EU), and I was wondering what are the possibilities of transferring to a medical faculty in the EU region for my 6th year (Italy, Spain preferred but anywhere in the EU works just fine). Any...
  25. GodIsBeautiful

    People Not Believing You're Majoring in [Insert Blank Here.]

    This semester, I was excited to be accepted into pharmacy school and my older sister, medical school. However, as she and I spoke over this break, we realized that many people who we have confided about our future professions to had surprised, confused, or condescending reactions, saying...
  26. Snickerdoodle1996

    Basic Pharmacology Course Before Medical School

    Hi everyone, My university offers a basic pharmacology course tailored to serve as a foundation for medical school. I am working on my schedule for my last semester before starting medical school in the Fall. I am wondering if it is worth taking this course or if I should just take other...
  27. M

    Texas ranking: McGovern vs Long vs UTSW vs Dell

    UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine Pros Best location, based on COL, culture and lots of friends + the closest to home 4 months off after pre clinicals is great for whatever I choose to do (nice to have time). SA Med center surprised me and overall I know they are clinically focused...
  28. M

    Should I take cal 1

    should I take cal 1? This cycle I’ve had to privilege to interview at Harvard, and they are the only school I interviewed at that requires it. At the start I added the class to my planned course work because I thought this school was a reach. Now the position I’m in is kinda frustrating because...
  29. A

    balancing extracurriculars and school

    Hi guys, Im an officer for an organization and I have done 1 semester of it so far but I may not be able to balance my school/other activities with this. This is my senior year and my final semester is next semester. I know being in an officer position looks very good on a medical school...
  30. M

    Matriculation Intent Form- Due today but not ready!

    I received an offer of admission 1 week ago at an MD school (school A). I already have another offer at a school (School B) that is a better fit for me. I've been asked to submit a matriculation intent form by 5 pm today for school A. While I am mostly sure I will be attending B, I feel like I...
  31. T

    Should I tell med schools I've been accepted to about other offers?

    Hi everyone, I just logged into the portal of a medical school I've been accepted to. There is a section of the online portal that says "In this space, you may update the admissions committee with other offers you may have received." It isn't required. Is there an advantage to be had if I tell...
  32. M

    What could be my step 1 score?

    Just took my exam What do you think my chances are for a score 240+? My scores Nbme 16 - 225_1.5 months out 15 - 236_1month out Uwsa 1-256 1month out Nbme 17 - 236_20 days out Nbme 19- 240_ 1 week out Nbme 18_ 238_ 1 day before( i was actually reaally stressed that day as also wantes to take...
  33. farmmd

    DO schools that do not require a LOR from DO/MD

    Hello, I wanted to create a comprehensive and updated list on osteopathic schools that do not require a LOR specifically from a DO/MD. When I was applying, I had to go through each schools websites and find out myself. So here is the list I have so far for this application cycle (2018-2019)...
  34. C

    Chance me!

    hmu if you're down to chance me for medschool and ill give you my stats! thanks :D
  35. B

    How do I choose between a career in medicine or pharmacy?

    I currently have one more class, which I'm taking now, to graduate with a B.S in Biology. So if I choose to do medicine, for the rest of this year, I would have to focus on my extracurriculars, which I currently have none, and the MCAT. However, I find the field of pharmacy much more appealing-...
  36. DoctorOrdinary

    What do medical schools look for in "research experience?"

    I'm currently a junior at a state university and just started doing research with a graduate student in a faculty's lab. The research itself is based on marine organic chemistry and I had an easy time getting in due to my fish keeping hobby, but it looks like I will just be working on small...
  37. Piglet2020

    M1 Super Tired & Stressed, Dreading First Anat Exam

    Hey everyone, MS1 here and started class two weeks ago. I dont think anything could have prepared me for the sheer amount of material in med school... I’m studying 6 hrs a day after lecture & lab and still feel I’m missing information. I dont have time for myself other than to eat, sleep...
  38. I

    Current Navy Scholar here to Answer questions (HPSP & HSCP)

    Hi, I'm a current Navy Collegiate Scholar (HSCP) here to answer any questions you have. I did extensive research into the HPSP as well and have many friends doing it, so I am well versed. I am also prior enlisted with the Army and with the Air Force, so I have lots of insights. Best
  39. I

    Current Navy Scholar Here to Answer Questions (HPSP and HSCP)

    Hi, I'm a current Navy Collegiate Scholar (HSCP) here to answer any questions you have. I did extensive research into the HPSP as well and have many friends doing it, so I am well versed. I am also prior enlisted with the Army and with the Air Force, so I have lots of insights. Best
  40. A

    MD WAMC? : 510 MCAT, 3.7 cGPA with some setbacks...

    Hello! So for the stats: 510 MCAT, 125 C/P, 129 CARS, 128 B/B, 128 P/S 3.7 cGPA but not sure what my science GPA is. Probably 3.55-ish I'm white, female and grew up in both rural and semi-rural communities in Wyoming. By the time I graduate I'll have over 1600 hours of research, 70 hours of...