Chances for PA School

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Dec 19, 2016
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Hello. For a while I wanted to be a DO but I shadowed some PAs last summer and I think this would be a better fit.

Got a 2.56 sGPA, 3.0 cGPA, 3.7 non-science GPA. Had a rough couple years because I struggled with many issues and I ended up having to retake organic chemistry like 3 times as well as physics twice and it really messed up my GPA.

I have a PA pre-req GPA hovering around a 3.3ish.

Here are my grades:
Bio 1+lab = B
Anatomy + lab = A
Human Physiology (had to retake 2 times and my prof was horrendous, class average was a D) = C, C-
Microbio = A
Chem 1 = B-
Chem 2 = B-
Orgo 1 = B+
Orgo 1 lab = A-
Biochem = C+
Stats = B+
Medical terminology = A

I plan on retaking about 15 credits this semester to bump up my science GPA and pre-req GPA but I feel kind of hopeless :( I plan on retaking biochem and physiology along with some other bio classes. Will I be able to get into any schools even if I don't have a 3.0 science GPA minimum?

I've published a paper in a journal. Was vice president of an organization. Volunteered at a hospital as well as maternity center over the course of 3 years. And I'm spending the next year as a medical assistant at a derm office.

What should I do to improve my odds?

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Hi! If you’re curious about your chances for PA school, then it might be in your best interest to post your inquiry in a Pre-PA forum. This is Pre-MD. Nonetheless, best of luck.

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I do not know much about PA school so I am not gonna pretend like I know much, but my sister is currently in PA school so I will talk about what I know from her. What I learned was that they heavily weigh patient experience hours! My best recommendation is to find paid patient care experience but I see you mentioned MA so that is great. My sister was an MA and she told me that most PA schools actually require a paid patient care experience so you are on the right track there! I think they require some 500-1000 hours or something like that. If you can find some other patient volunteer hours like volunteering at free clinics and stuff I think that would be helpful. I think if you can get that science GPA up it would help and also work on getting a letter from a doctor and also important is to get a letter from a PA as well that is what my sister did. I believe they require the GRE exam so I do not know how heavily weighed that is but if you get a good score i'm sure it will be another plus.