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Sep 6, 2017
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Hello everyone. I'm very grateful for the SDNers. I hope to support the forum financially one day. Please extend me your advice.

I'm about 30 years old. White American. Texas resident. Had a financially secure upbringing. Somewhat lazy in my early 20's, now more focused. I get along well with people.

Statement and Questions:
I'm not opposed to D.O., and I would be happy to be a primary care provider. However, if it turned out I could enter into a specialty, I might consider it. I feel an M.D. could be a benefit for that in the future, so I don't want to close that door. Hence, I'd like to hear thoughts on my chances for any of the following:

1. Applying to Texas M.D. schools this cycle (2017) (deadline: 9/29/17)
2. Applying to nationwide M.D. schools this cycle (2017)
3. Applying to D.O. schools this cycle (2017) (deadlines in December 2017 and January 2018)
4. Applying to Texas M.D. schools next cycle (2018)

My Academics:
Convoluted history. Liberal arts degree in 2012. Many F's, including STEM classes, from before 2010, spread out over a few semesters. Did better after, and had about 3.6 or so in final half of degree. Graduated cum laude, but cumulative GPA 2.8 range for first degree. Worked for a few years, then quit to go back to school. Have since 2014 taken about 60 credits from Community College and 40 from University, all in STEM, and GPA across all should be 3.6-3.9 range. Will be getting second degree in Biochemistry this spring, and almost done this Fall. Since 2015 I've basically been a full-time student, not working.

In the end, from ALL the courses I've ever taken, I think my official, reportable cGPA will be about 3.3, and my math/science GPA will be about 3.3 or so. But note that in the last 100 credit hours I've taken, all STEM, the GPA will be A/A-.

If I wait until next summer to apply I think I can invoke Fresh Start and boost my reportable GPA's up to 3.5 maybe or higher.

MCAT: 513
Chem/Phys: 126
CARS: 128
Biology/Biochem: 128
Psychology/Soc: 131
Percentile overall: 89th


When I first started back to school, I was very paranoid about grades and focused on school. Had few extracurriculars to speak of. I've opened a little more more recently. Last year and a half shadowed a cardiologist (a few hours),
a general practitioner (a dozen or so hours)
a vascular surgeon (100+ hours in office and in OR)
a few physicians at a local clinic for Spanish immigrants I recently started volunteering at
Went on an international medical trip with the surgeon for a week.
I've shadowed three Physician Assistants for about 25 hours in total.
I passed training as a medical scribe, was then trained on the floor for about 90 hours, but quit very shortly thereafter because I became concerned about it affecting my school, among a few other small things.
A few years ago I volunteered for about 40 hours with some exchange students.
This year I've maybe done 20 hours of volunteer stuff for high schoolers.
I've been a science and math tutor for the last two semesters, perhaps so far at 60 hours.
I love the Spanish language and would say I'm functionally fluent in some scenarios. I received an intermediate level certification last year from some big cheese institution in Spain.
I am a life long musician and play the guitar somewhat seriously.
Have not obtained any serious research opportunities yet outside of class, though we did design two research projects for my biochemistry classes.

Looking forward to doing more in the future, especially after this semester finishes.
I realize my extracurriculars are weak. Are they a sinker?

Schools I'll one day apply to (should I?):

Texas MD
UT McGovern
UT Southwestern?
Texas Tech Lubbock
Texas Tech El Paso
Texas A&M
UT Austin Dell
UTMB Galveston

UT Rio Grande
UT San Antonio

Texas DO

Out of State MD

Any? Might consider attending if I can start next year

Out of State DO

So there it is. Sorry if it's too much info. Would you apply to Texas allopathic programs in my situation, or just wait? Would you just go DO and not wait a year? Or should I just forget about allopathic altogether and apply DO?

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Sep 15, 2012
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Your best option would be to apply next June with a higher GPA. Your MCAT of 513 is competitive for all Texas schools and it is only your low GPA of 3.3 that will limit your chances. Also apply to the DO schools in Texas-TCOM and UIWSOM. You can add any OOS DO schools that appeal to you.
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Jan 21, 2016
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I agree with Faha. Apply next cycle to all TX med and DO schools for your best chance at acceptance. This winter and spring find a volunteer opportunity in your community that you like and spend some hours doing it to add to your resume. Tutoring, big brother/community orgs, adult day care, nursing home, hospice, or other areas of interest. Use your guitar somehow at some of these places?
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Your best bet is in Texas for MD (and DO with TCOM) and any OOS DO you want. Apply day 1 next cycle to all Texas schools and whatever OOS DOs strike your fancy. Your last 100 credit hours may give you better chances than your 3.3 would initially suggest. I would not apply to UIWSOM as I think you can do better for DO.

As far as DO schools go TCOM is top notch and their now third year class just wrecked boards and they produce a solid match list every year with some impressive matches. For DO I also want to put in a plug for OSU, even though you would be OOS here I have more than one OOS person in my class from Texas and your MCAT would be a huge draw to them as they like OOS people with high MCATs. OSU and TCOM are some of the most MD-like DO schools in the country and OSU has their own teaching hospital with true home residencies in many fields, including surgical subspecialties (all will make the merger, except optho). Not bad second options behind Texas MD.


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May 29, 2017
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I think with an early app next cycle, you've got a shot certainly at Tx MD and possibly other MD with lower average stats. Definitely buy MSAR to help you apply.

That said, I think its possible you could get into DO schools or maybe Tx MD if you applied this cycle as is.


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Apr 26, 2016
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This guy has 220 hours of undergrad. Sticking around one more year to get another 25, 30 hours will NOT raise his GPA.

With a GPA of 3.3 over 220 hours, OP will not gain one tenth of one point by getting another 30 hours of 4.0.

Edit: Didn't realize there is a special Texas program I guess? Carry on.
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