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  1. Martinale

    Documenting all sus interview questions

    Hey everyone! As interview season is rolling in I would love to hear all of the sus interview questions y'all are getting. I will start.... How many medical schools have you applied to? Is this your first interview? (not sure if these are common questions but seems inappropriate to ask)
  2. rrkk

    My chances of getting accepted to M.D or D.O schools?

    Hi all, I am an international student who did high school and undergrad here in the United States. I am a Nutrition major with an emphasis in Dietetics. I have graduated Magna Cum Laude but having 3.58 gpa as the method of calculating gpa for med app was different. I have numerous ec's like...
  3. Conchilardo

    Digging for Realism in Reaplication

    Right out front, I will be applying this year, but this does not mean I'm going to be heartbroken if I am not accepted... like the past two cycles. Some background: Associates in biology from South Texas College(2014-2016): 3.85 gpa Bachelor's from University of Oregon(2016-2018): 3.4...
  4. D

    WAMC - 3.34 sGPA, 508 MCAT, Disadvantaged Background

  5. P

    WAMC: 3.6 cGPA/519 MCAT

    Hello everyone! I don't know anyone else personally who is also applying this year and no one in my family has ever gone to medical school so I would love some feedback on my school list. 1. cGPA: ~ 3.6 and sGPA: ~3.5 (3.7-->3.3-->3.75-->3.9) 2. MCAT: 519 (128 C/P, 130 CARS, 131 B/B, 130 P/S)...
  6. Z

    Struggling with "What unique qualities do you bring to school XYZ?"

  7. U

    Physician LOR more valuable if attended specific school I'm applying to?

    I have worked as a scribe for 1.5 years with about a dozen physicians. There is one physician in a leadership position that would be the obvious choice were I to ask for only a single letter, but it has occurred to me that I can request an additional ~8 physicians with whom I have established...
  8. mdfaithful

    Extension Course Transcript - Is it update worthy?

    I recently took GenChem/Organic Chemistry (14XB) through UCLA Extension program. It was a in-classroom course, and I was able to achieve an A. I had a C- during my freshman year in undergrad for general chemistry. My university did not allow me to retake for the C-. My question is: is my...
  9. A

    What Are My Chances at MD School? What should i do to better my chances?

    So I am deciding whether or not I should apply to MD schools in the upcoming cycle Stats and EC: 3.16 sci GPA with 3.34 cum GPA (Double Major in Biology and Dance) , URM (African American Woman), 2.5 years scribing ( 6 months in ED and 2 years in OB/Internal medicine office), 1 yr clinical...
  10. 9

    MCAT score

    So, I wanted to know if not reporting a score to AACOMAS (DO schools) would get me in trouble? I went from a 480 to 493 and and recently got a 487. I am beyond scared and just upset. I thought I would do better considering I had a 439 on my second attempt but I could not. Does anyone know if I...
  11. BabyDaddy

    Nontrad Veteran M3 with wife and kids at MD school in Tx. Ask me Anything! (AMA)

    I had a ton of questions when I was trying to get into Medical School and during my first year, but few people could answer them for my specific situation. If you have questions about applying as a Non-traditional student, veteran, married person +/- kiddos, or just generic questions about life...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical Allopathic vs. Osteopathic: Which Med School Program is Best for YOU?

    Osteopathic (DO) schools approach medicine with a different toolbox than Allopathic (MD) schools, yet ultimately the training and opportunities for specialization are similar. In the past, DOs have had a harder time getting accepted to traditional residencies and even employment. Some...
  13. X

    DO Recommendation Letter

    Hi everyone, I’d a question regarding the LOR. My DO has agreed to write me an LOR but I was wondering whether I’ve to upload that letter myself on the AACOM/AAMC or does she have to mail it to the schools I apply to? I’m confused because I’ve called multiple schools & none of them have given...
  14. J

    Need some Advice 506 Mcat 3.8 Science GPA

    So I just got my MCAT score: 506 (128/125/127/126) and my science GPA is 3.8. Was pretty pissed cause I was hitting 510+ on AAMC FLs I’m not a strong applicant rn as I only have a few shadowing experiences and some volunteering/leadership which I plan to work on my senior year (yes I’m taking...
  15. M

    Just applied to DO, should I apply to some MD too?

    Hi all, I just submitted my AACOMAS to 15 schools (I've worked full time during undergrad to afford uni tuition and HELLA application fees) and I'm still on the fence about throwing my hat in the ring for a few allopathic schools. My father is an MD and isn't pleased about me applying DO even...
  16. 9

    AMCAS Academic Year University of Michigan

    Hello everyone, I think what I understood from the AMCAS tutorial is that a class I took in Fall 2015 would be in the 2015-2016 year and a class in winter 2016 is still in the same year: 2015-2016. (Please correct me if I am wrong) Also, at the University of Michigan we do fall, winter...
  17. W

    3.4 GPA, 517 MCAT, Great GPA Trend; How to pick schools

    Deleted for privacy reasons. But I really appreciate everyone's help. Good luck this cycle.
  18. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Very little college EC's.

    Hi there. I am set on getting into an MD program in the US. However, I believe my college EC's were sub-par. I went to a community college for years, and didn't really apply myself. I applied myself at my university after a mediocre semester and showed strong upward grade trends. My GPA upon...
  19. M

    Gap Year: Certified Pharmacy Technician vs Certified Laboratory Technician

    For someone that just graduated and is taking a gap year due to a late decision to go to med school, how would you advise them in choosing between a Pharm Tech or Lab tech job? Personal Background to potentially influence decision: . 500 hours as a Medical Assistant . 630 hours as an ER Scribe...
  20. B

    Thoughts on my chances appreciated!

    Hi! I'm a 22 year old male from Colorado. I just graduated in May with a 3.55 in Physiology with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Public Health. I took the MCAT 09/01 and had an interesting situation happen. The fire alarm went off during CARS and we had a 30 minute evacuation. As a...
  21. T

    Chances? Texas, 89%tile MCAT? Non-Traditional. GPA turnaround

    Hello everyone. I'm very grateful for the SDNers. I hope to support the forum financially one day. Please extend me your advice. Me: I'm about 30 years old. White American. Texas resident. Had a financially secure upbringing. Somewhat lazy in my early 20's, now more focused. I get along well...
  22. swimmergalpal1996

    Low BCPM, High MCAT, need honest opinion

  23. M

    MD & DO What are my chances? 3.1 gpa 520 mcat

    hello everyone! This is another what are my chances thread! I am an asian female, texas resident, and senior applying this cycle. I took my MCAT last summer and I got a 520! GPA wise i haven't been so lucky, i was enrolled in a dual credit program in high school and didn't do very well so...
  24. G

    Trying to figure out where to apply....

    Hi everyone! I would appreciate any and all help! I am going to apply this cycle and was wondering which MD and DO schools I had a shot at getting into. Thank you!
  25. M

    Rush Medical College Prestige/Tier

    Hey SDN, I've been lurking this site for a long time but didn't want to post until I was certain that I had been admitted somewhere. During the application process, I really just wanted to make sure I was admitted somewhere, without much mind to tier, prestige of a school, etc. And I have– I...
  26. S

    DO student looking to match MD EM program

    Hi there! I am a OMS3 looking to match to a competitive allopathic Emergency Medicine Residency program, preferably county. I will apply broadly but my dream places to attend are listed below. I am a Tampa native but would like to end up in NYC if at all possible. I plan on applying for...
  27. S

    DO student looking to match MD EM

    Hi there! I am a OMS3 looking to match to a competitive allopathic Emergency Medicine Residency program, preferably county. I will apply broadly but my dream places to attend are listed below. I am a Tampa native but would like to end up in NYC if at all possible. I plan on applying for...
  28. S

    DO looking to match MD EM program

    Hi there! I am a OMS3 looking to match to a competitive allopathic Emergency Medicine Residency program, preferably county. I will apply broadly but my dream places to attend are listed below. I am a Tampa native but would like to end up in NYC if at all possible. I plan on applying for...
  29. M

    Should I re-take the mcat? Any other advice?

    Hello, everyone! I am looking for some advice on my current medical school application. I am a white 21 y/o male who grew up in a small town in Virginia. I am pursuing a Biology degree with a minor in chemistry. I have a 3.97 GPA (dual-enrollment classes from high school dropped my application...
  30. LindaAccepted

    Medical Which Allopathic U.S. Medical Schools Require Pre-Health Committee Letters?

    When preparing to apply to medical school, there are lots of details to consider! One major area of the application that causes a lot of stress are the letters of recommendation. To make the process of deciding which letters to collect easier for you, I did the research! (Your welcome.) As I...
  31. A

    MD Application Process?

    Can someone give me some advice on the MD application process? I am planning to apply for the 2018 cycle. I haven't taken my MCATs yet and wanted to know when was the latest time I could take them to submit my application in the beginning of the cycle. Thanks:)