choose Hopkins or U of Washington MPH??

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Apr 8, 2008
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hi. i have to make a decision in one week so any advice or insight is much appreciated.

should i accept the MPH program at hopkins or UW (global health). :confused:

i know hopkins is #1, but i'm not convinced it's the best program. how much genuine faculty interaction can a lowly master student get in 11 months? hopkins seems a little like an MPH factory mill to me, and at a hefty price. any thoughts?

on the other hand, i've been very impressed with UW's faculty and the energy in seattle surrounding global health. but truth be told, i'm hesitant to say no to hopkins.

any thoughts?


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I hate to say it, but I work in international public health right now, and most employers don't know much about individual programs, so we just look at the name of the school on the resume.

Unless you think that you will be much much happier at UW, I would say go with Hopkins, they have a great reputation which will make a huge difference once you leave school and are trying to find a job.

Honestly I wish I could tell you that the program quality and how happy you are will make a difference, but in the end when push comes to shove and you are looking for a job the 'brand name value' of the school matters more than you want to know. :(
I am in the same place-- trying to decide between Hopkins another other schools that cost 30,000 less. I am inclined to choose another school to save $$ but I ultimately want to work in the field of international health and do not want to shoot myself in the foot by not having the name recognition. Does it really matter to have the Hopkins name attached to me for that extra huge cost? Will it make a significant impact on my future?

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A Hopkins MPH is a Hopkins MPH - you can get a job anywhere with it; and you'll make that 30-grand extra cost back in two years.
what did you end up deciding on lalogyal?
Brooklyn, is brand name really that important?? I'm choosing between Berkeley and Hopkins, the Health Policy and Management track... In your opinion does the Hopkin name really blow Berkeley out of the water?
It does depend, though. Hopkins reputation in international health policy/economics is pretty weak.