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Mar 14, 2004
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Just saw the announcement in my email and thought everybody would be interested . . . .

iPhone 3G Powers Installed PEPID App

The decision-support tool you’ve been asking for readied for January release — PEPID on iPhone!

Evanston, IL — December 15, 2008 — PEPID LLC—developers of clinical decision-support information and technology for doctors and nurses—announces that it is launching versions of its drug and medical information applications that store directly on the iPhone™. With PEPID on their iPhone, healthcare professionals have instant access to life-saving protocols, drug interactions, and other vital patient care information wherever they go, regardless of wireless connection.

“PEPID on iPhone 3G is nothing short of amazing,” says PEPID president John Wagner. “Our iPhone customers will get more of the decision support they need quicker with accelerated image display, and faster dosing and drug interaction calculations. Plus, they can leverage an over-the-air connection to stay current wherever they go.”

“Doctors and nurses can actually consult their PEPID information resources and confer with colleagues around the world at the same time using a single device,” says Wagner. “PEPID on iPhone meets the work and lifestyle needs of the medical community and delivers essential information tools to the point-of-care for better informed patient care.”

PEPID will offer support for both the new installed application and the already released mobile wireless for iPhone. The new PEPID on iPhone requires operating system version 2.0 or higher, including the latest second generation 3G versions.


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Apr 17, 2003
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But... is PEPID available for the Blackberry?


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Aug 12, 2000
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I just got that in my inbox and signed up for the beta. I've been waiting for this for awhile. I'm tired of carrying my iPhone AND my Treo just for PEPID.

Quideam, yes, PEPID is available natively on the Blackberry. Take a look at pepid.com.

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