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Jun 28, 2017
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Just wanted to see what other programs are doing regarding clinical rotations this summer. I'm in a downstate NY area school and things are kind of a mess.

I'm in the Hudson Valley NY, 3rd year. We are *supposed* to hit phase 1 next week if the numbers behave...I hear you! Our metrics are wrapped up with Westchester so we are also heavily affected.

CAPTE is allowing third year students to graduate with only 28 weeks (vs 36 or whatever it normally is) and only 30 weeks for second years so that gives us some breathing room.

For summer, my school left it up to us if we want to go to clinic or not and if, of course, our sites will have us. We were supposed to be doing 10 weeks right now and an additional 10 weeks in the fall. So I think 6 of us are going out next week and everyone else is waiting for fall. Our school is asking those sites to take students for an additional 2 weeks - we already have 16 weeks from last year so we only need a minimum of 12 more weeks to graduate in Dec.

I know our school kicked around not letting us go to clinic vs allowing us to make the decision, and landed on allowing us to decide. Again, this is if our clinics were willing to have us - many clinics booted their students and/or suspended student intern programs.

We were supposed to have two 5-week mini semesters for research and capstone, in August and Nov/Dec. Students not going to clinic over the summer are doing those two semesters now. Those of us going out to clinic next week (including myself) will do those semesters when we are done with clinic in August. As of right now, I am not sure if I am going to my 4th rotation...which for graduation purposes is fine because I will have at least fulfilled minimal requirements this summer, assuming I am rated as entry-level. My last affil rated me as entry level so hopefully my new CI concurs!
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