"clinical attire"

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Jul 18, 2010
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This is probably a stupid question! I'm starting a volunteer gig this week, sterilizing instruments for a mobile dental clinic. I asked what to wear, and this is what they told me. Does "clinical attire" mean scrubs? If so, can anyone recommend on where to get them?

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Clinic attire usually means a dress shirt and a decent pair of pants. You arent a dentist so they dont expect you to wear scrubs.
I volunteer at a reduced rate dental clinic and I was told that I could wear pants/shirt or scrubs. All of the volunteers with patient contact seem to wear scrubs. We have a medical uniform store in our town and I purchased a pair there. Tons of places on the internet also sell them.
All of the clinics where I've shadowed have me wear at least a scrub jacket, so it doesn't seem too unusual for them to want you to wear scrubs, OP. If you're really unsure, just wear business attire to the site and bring a change of scrubs in case you need 'em.

For what it's worth, even Wal-Mart sells scrubs. They're around $20 for a set of a top and pants, maybe even cheaper online.