Clinical Cases in Residency Interviews

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Sep 7, 2018
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Hey all! I'm seeking some advice as to what to expect and prepare for in residency interviews (hoping and praying and wishing that I'll be fortunate to land some). How can I prepare for case studies and clinical questions? For those of you that have gone through it -- how did you handle questions you didn't know with grace? What kind of case profiles did you get? What are the expectations (knowing things like line compatibility, dose forms, renal/hepatic dosing cut-offs?) and what are items appropriate to answer with citing the best resource? Trying to best plan my time in preparing. Thank you!

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Focus on your thought process rather than getting the right answer. Even if you know, you should always be ready to check your answer and know where to look for accurate information. I had all sorts of cases during clinical portions of interviews. Chronic disease states, infectious disease, etc.
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