Clinical Rotations

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Sep 18, 2014
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Hi guys. I'm currently in my fourth year of MBBS degree and I am a Zimbabwean citizen studying in China. I would like to do my clinical rotations in an english speaking country such as the UK,US,Singapore,Australia and New Zealand. Is it possible for me to do this and if so how do I go about applying for it?

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Figuring out your specialty of interest is important.
Second, contact the departments in the specialty you're interested in and ask what you need to do.
Get your cv made
Have a personal statement
Have your transcript
Have some references
Talk to people at your school. You can't be the only one who's done this (I know since my school has a couple here. No, don't ask me as I only ran into them once or twice and wouldn't be of help).
Farrie: When I was at Windsor and I used placement companies to schedule rotations in the US (it was the only was to get US experience. My rotations in Atlanta were really good. I'm finishing up OB and Pysch here. I'm going to do medicine probably in Chicago or Arizona. i know it sounds weird but at least I have US work experience now and most IMS/IMGs don't. I worked with Chris from united medical rotations. Google them.