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Aug 22, 2002
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This is a question that can probably be answered by anyone who accepted a HPSP scholarship. I am getting commissioned on Monday at my recruiter's office, along with a dental HPSP student. The captain (a nurse) who interviewed us over the phone is driving to MA from CT to do the commissioning, apparently bc these were her first interviews and she is really excited that we are joining. My question is......what exactly happens during this process? I really don't know what the meaning of this is. What is the difference between my status after this and after COT? Is this when I sign the contract (I only have thus far an unoffical copy w/o my name on it)? And what should i wear? Thanks for any help! --Lauren


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Jul 21, 2003
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The commissioning ceremony is very short and is comprised pretty much of just saying the oath. However it is important in that you will sign the complete contract and commit to your scholarship and duty. After you say the oath are then referred to as Lt. ______ in the AF. You should probably wear something nice (I wore a shirt and tie) but nothing too formal. Good luck and read everything because what you sign is the commitment.


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Jan 17, 2003
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I was commissioned in my kitchen in jeans and a sweater by my recruiter's CO who came out to personally (to the sheep farm) try to convince my to take my scholarship - I was sort of sitting on the fence at that point.

So it isn't so formal and you basically say your oath and sign your papers in quadruplicate.

Good luck :D
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