1. rashmile

    Life Skills Seminar for Medical Students and Residents

    Hey y'all, Rad BootCamp is putting on a session this Saturday, 5/8/21, @ 2 PM focusing on Life Skills that would benefit any medical student or new resident. We'll have some experts talking about Managing Finances, Managing your time, Having Difficult Conversations with Colleagues, and...
  2. H

    Women's Interview Attire

    Hi there, I am currently in limbo after submitting my applications and have been looking into interview attire. Many people say that women should not wear black suits are they are too harsh and formal, and they suggest colors such as navy or charcoal/gray. I was thinking about doing a navy suit...
  3. D

    Women Interview Attire - Dress?

    All of my friends currently in medical school, including my top choice school, say that wearing a business professional dress is perfectly suitable. However, it seems like everyone on SDN is saying a pant suit or skirt suit with a blazer is mandatory for women. Personally, I don't feel very...
  4. foreverbull

    Common Mistakes in Care for Younger Women with DVTs/PEs

    Speaking of underrepresented in healthcare, I'd like to get the word out to the next generation of doctors so that they can be a little more sensitive to medical needs/issues that women experience. This happened to someone I know, after interacting with several doctors who knew she was taking...
  5. cntran

    Balancing Family Life and Medicine

    Hello everyone, This is a bit of a long dilemma, (thank you so much for reading) but I've been agonizing over it for a very long while now and would really appreciate any advice or insight anyone has to offer. I'm a female in my mid-20s, and I find that it's as important for me to be an active...
  6. LeafyBreeze

    How to manage your period during med school

    Sorry I know this is probably super tmi but the worry has been eating at me for a while now. I just got accepted into med school and I’m totally excited! But I have REALLY bad periods every month that last 4-6 days and are really painful and often leave me bedridden due to the pain/nausea/ect...
  7. M

    Interview Attire for Women: Camel suit

    Hi, I been buying some suits for my interview. I have a really hard time finding some that fit me because I have a petite frame but not a petite height. So most suits look unflattering on me. I do have an old suit that fits. But I was unsure about it because it may be too "fashionable." I heard...
  8. A

    Women's Interview attire question!

    This is a random question, but something that I really would like an answer to. Do we (women) need to keep the buttons closed for the suit jacket during interviews? My jacket that I got a few years ago still fits me great, but shows my waist line when I button it up.. any ideas?
  9. S

    Orthopedic Surgery & women

    I am very much interested in becoming a surgeon of some sort. I am fascinated with orthopedics, organs transplants, and sports medicine. That being said, I am a female, and am always told it's "much different" for women- most don't make it, it's too hard, etc. I understand that women want to...
  10. S

    Shadowing Attire (Women) -- Shoes

    I am going to be shadowing an internal medicine/cardiologist specialist in a hospital beginning this coming Monday. When I asked, I was told to wear work/business casual clothes, and I will be provided with scrubs and a lab coat later to wear. My main question: what shoes should I wear...
  11. DJHanzel

    Gap Year Full-Time Scribe Position in Charleston, SC

    Leaving my scribe position to go to medical school. Looking for a replacement, specifically female pre med student taking a gap year. Message me if interested!
  12. S

    Starting FM pay for female.

    Hey all. I have been browsing the forum for my wife since shes so busy in residency and thought I would pick your brains. We will soon be on the journey of interviewing for family medicine positions in the southeast and I was wondering what is acceptable starting salary for her? I have heard of...
  13. aspiringMD585

    How come OBGYN isn't receiving any love?

    Hello, I don't understand why everyone looks down on being and OBGYN, where is all of this animosity coming from? For example, I've been interested in becoming an OBGYN ever since I was a child and throughout the years whenever I would tell people that I want to be an OB, the remarks are just...
  14. OrangeCaramel

    Alpha Epsilon Iota Scholarship for Female Med Students

    https://www.scholarships4school.com/scholarships/alpha-epsilon-iota-scholarship.html I found this scholarship for female medical students, but I can't find any information about it online. I can't even access the application without calling a number. Does anybody know if this scholarship...
  15. Snickerdoodle1996

    Most Comfortable Scrubs?

    What are the most comfortable scrub brands for women?
  16. K

    Do I need to wear tights to interview?

    I'm planning to wear a classic black skirt suit and closed toed formal black shoes. It's still so hot out... do I need to wear tights? Are bare legs unprofessional? Thanks!
  17. ifnotnowwren

    Women's Interview Attire #4

    Hi all, the last interview clothing thread was created in 2011 and reached almost 5,000 messages. I thought it would be nice to create a new one and to have the first post include some common knowledge as gleaned from the previous threads. Special thanks to @DokterMom, @gyngyn, and @Winged...
  18. K

    Practicing under maiden name vs married name

    I got married at the age of 18 and have been known as Mrs. Hislastname my whole adult life legally and socially. I was so quick to change my name when I was in my newlywed stage that I never really put a lot of thought into it. I knew I wanted my future kids to have the same last name and wanted...
  19. B

    Under Represented Minorities in Radiology (including women)

    Despite how awesome radiology is, there is a definite disparity in diversity when compared to other medical specialties. Here is one of my favorite quotes on the subject of diversity in radiology by Dr. Lightfoote and colleagues ..." There is a disconnect between vocal support and quantifiable...
  20. Researcher101

    Best menstrual pill without Ibuprofen?

    I'm allergic to Motrin which is an Ibuprofen. What is the best pill you recommend for cramps? I've always taken Tylonol but sometimes it feels like it doesn't work as well. If there's something better I'd rather take that. I've been told about Midol but isn't caffeine supposed to be avoided? I...
  21. sj139

    Leaving Surgery

  22. S

    Girls in orthopedics?

    I am very interested in orthopedics and have been for years and I have realized it is completely dominated by males. I know this field is very competitive and I love that honestly but are women in this field considered ¨not strong enough¨ or do women just not make through residency? I would like...
  23. D

    Army Can you switch from Army Reserves to HPSP?

    I'm a female who is planning on enlisting in the Army Reserves as a 15U Helicopter Repairer. I was told by my recruiter that I can remain in the Army Reserves for 1+ years while I apply to med school (and HPSP), then if accepted, I can transition from the Army Reserves to the HPSP scholarship...
  24. N

    What in the hell?

    Hello all, Thanks for clicking. Presumably, I know that my title is a little misleading, and you're probably a little pissed, but please hear me out. I am currently a Junior at a UNI working towards her BS with an emphasis on Medical Laboratory Science. I am minoring in Nuclear Engineering...