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Aug 7, 2000
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Just a quick question -

Are computer and programming courses calculated in the BCPM gpa?


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Nope, don't think so. If I'm wrong though, please correct me.
I included mine in there (Im a CS major) it actually brought the BCPM down for me (oops), I think that the important thing is to be consistent about what you put in there. I dont know about AMCAS, either but in the "science" section on the TXMDSA, there was a category in the science that was "other science" instead of saying "organic" or "Physics"
As a CS major, I threw some of mine into BCMP and some into others. It really depended on whether or not it had a substantial amount of math in it. For instance, Discrete Mathematics would go into math, but Data Structures or Databases would go into other. I also played with it a little to enhance my BCMP a little, but it was all valid.