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Jun 4, 2001
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Hey All, NYCOM sent me something with requirements for a "new" computer if Im going to buy one, as mine is a dinasaur, so I have to ask... are their 'requirements' in effect what Im going to NEED or can I get by on something a lot older?


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May 14, 2002
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hey, I go to NYCOM. I'm not sure what they "recommend" these days. I have a off the shelf laptop and it's fine for me. Plenty of people survive without computers, but it's definitely a help IMO. If you have a laptop, every seat in lecuture and just about every study cubicle on campus has an ethernet connection, so a network card is a must. A CD burner can help too. Something too old and slow may present a problem as NYCOM has just undergone a major upgrade in their out-of-house bandwidth and supposedly this year you'll be able to watch lecures from home if you have a cable modem. The cable modem was a tremendous help for me as you can download huge Powerpoint files from lectures in little time. I think they recommend you have a zip drive. I never used one, but a few people did, whom most of which did not have a cable modem at home, so they'd download the lectures to disk at the computer labs on campus and review them off disk at home. The school also hands out alot of CDs with video on them for different classes and these are a huge help, particularly for anatomy, neuroscience, and OMM. They may switch this over to net-based however if their bandwidth allows for it. Moral of the story, a decent computer definitely makes life easier at times, but people get by without one pretty regularly. It's up to you.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your last 2 weeks of freedom.
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