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Lee Ik-jun MD

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Jun 2, 2016
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Hey everyone!
So I'm aware this is an extremely particular situation so I'll just give you the facts: I am currently enrolled in Med School in Germany, my long-term boyfriend is American.
We're doing the whole long distance thing, I want to finish up Med School here and then possibly go to the US for residency after marrying him.
Marriage gives me a 2 year conditional GC, after that I can apply for a 10 year one. However, since I don't want to be sitting around in the states for 2 years after Med School but apply for residency before actually going overseas, I would be applying to residency explaining that I have a conditional GC (or getting one before starting to work? since the interviews are often during the last year)
Would that be a problem in an interview? I am kind of trying to plan ahead since we still have a few years until then but it's something that does concern me. Although I am quite interested in the US residency program, my first motivation is obviously that I want to live with my husband to be. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Help would be very much appreciated.

i think you're case is quite very specific.
i don't see it as a problem.
there are other options like J1 and H1b visas too

i believe these questions will come to play once you get the interview.
Good luck!