1. L

    US Student Looking to Study in Germany

    Hello! I'm new here and this is my first post, so please bear with me, but absolutely tell me if I should do things differently! I am a 2017 grad with a BS in forensic biology. I completed all my pre-med classes, but I tanked my GPA, which is why I have not bothered to take the MCAT or apply to...
  2. V

    which licensing exam to take? (IMG)

    Hey everyone, hope everything is going well :) I'm a 4th year med student in a 7-year MBBS program in Cairo, Egypt. I'm planning to take a licensing exam and practice abroad. But the thing is I don't know where to go. I'm currently in the US temporarily as a research assistant (some sort of...
  3. MedicoBoomstick

    Army Battalion Surgeon

    Just finished IM Residency and I'm going to a very active line unit as a battalion surgeon. Looking for helpful recommendations for some desk references/web resources for the more common things I'll encounter that I might not have seen lately [Took care of mostly elderly retiree/VABs for last 3...
  4. G

    Where should I study?

    Hello, I am currently a German high school student and decided to pursue a career in medicine. Due to personal circumstances and preferences, it would be my goal (dream) to practice medicine in the US. As a result, I do have two options: studying medicine on a better-/well-known German...
  5. CornIsMyJob

    Salary for Dentists in Germany

    I don't know if I'm in the right forum or not but I'll post a thread regardless. I've recently looked into studying dentistry in Germany but only now am I looking into the salary of dentists in the country and it's rather disappointing. Is there a reason why I'm only seeing that dentists are...
  6. V

    Studying medicine in Germany as an MSc graduate

    Hi, I have a rather specific question about studying medicine in Germany. I am getting my M.Sc. at an german university in neurosciences and am debating between doing a PhD or and MD afterwards. Anybody who was in a similar situation who can give me some advice? I like the prospects of becoming...
  7. C

    Bangladeshi doctor with postgraduation in cardiothoracic surgery looking for residency in germany

    hello i am from bangladesh and done my MS postgraduation in cardiothoracic surgery. i am desperately looking for residency in cardiothoracic surgery in germany. is there any way i can be enrolled.
  8. Budding Doctor07

    Medical Post Graduation in Ireland

    I would like to know some infomation about the application for Medical PG courses in Ireland? How is the quality of education? Is it student friendly? Cost effective? Duration of the course(depending on the Specialty) Is it better than Germany? Is there an alternative option? Any amount of info...
  9. Budding Doctor07

    Post Graduation in Western Europe

    Hello Guys!!!!! I would like to do my post grad in Western European countries like the following Germany, Austria, Belgium, Swiss As far I have researched Germany seems to be a better option cuz the PG courses are offered in English, as a non German i think it will be very difficult to do PG in...
  10. Budding Doctor07

    Luxembourg! Steps for medical career in Luxembourg

    I wanted to know the best way to kick srat a career in the beautiful city/country of Luxembourg As far i read, Luxembourg does not provide PG education for MED Students. So is it advisable to do my PG and specialization before considering LUX? Since there is a need to know German and French, i...
  11. Budding Doctor07

    Post Graduation in Austria?

    I am a UG from India, i wanted to know the Post Graduation education in Austria. What are the steps and examinations we need to appear for? As a non EU graduate, Is it difficult when compared to Germany? And the language certificate needed(B2/C1) Waiting for a reply :)
  12. A

    Any med student from germany?

    Hello I have a question for med student from Heidelberg or other universities. I don't have German language skills. I want to have medicine education in Heidelberg. Is there conditional acceptance for foreign student?
  13. D

    Germany Surgical Residency

    Hi people so im in medschool right now. 4th year to be precise. i want to move to germany and live there. my status currently is from canada - citizenship holder. but im in a medical college outside of canada. german course is being provided near where i reside. and im aware that i may need a...
  14. M

    What is being a doctor like in Germany and Switzerland?

    What is life like for a doctor in Germany or Switzerland? Like, what is the average salary and what kind of lifestyle does the salary allow one to lead? What are the working conditions in these countries for doctors?
  15. I

    germany after bds in india

    hi, i completed 4 years of bds in india. doing my internship currently which is of one year. i would like to go to germany for further studies and plan to settle in europe itself. i know we do have to give language test. but i dont know what other tests/ requirements are supposed to be there so...
  16. A

    Conditional GC IMG Residency Application

  17. K

    Observership/externship in Germany

    Hello, im 4th year medicine student in Turkey. After my graduation, i want to do my residency training and work in Germany. I have been to Germany a lot. I know Germany would be great place to residency training and making science. I have just A2 level German and i believe i can make it B2 or...
  18. M

    Help! Applying to study medicine in Germany

    About me: US citizen, German citizen, and Swiss Citizen. Finishing High School this June in California with a desire to study medicine in Germany. I tried my best to research the application process for regular German students but am a little unsure how to approach the application. I went to...
  19. RobotDoc

    Residency in Germany from 2016-

    I started this thread so we can share new info available regarding residency in Germany. 1) My question is what is the competition like for surgical residency in Germany I understand it depends on the individuals CV and their German language level. Can someone shed more light on this?
  20. B

    Almost german board pediatrics, need to finish in UAE-HELP

    Hi all, just a short summary of my situation. I have the german citizenship, arab origin and ai finished medical school in germany. I also was going to finish my specialization in pediatrics ( needed 3 more months, but got pregnant). Now i live in UAE- Dubai, does anybody of you have any...