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Oct 21, 2003
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I'm just curious how many of you kept working as a RN through medical school??

From a studying/financial standpoint I will take enough loans so I don't have to work at all (so I can be as dedicated as I need to be), but I would like to work casually if I can to offset the loan burden.

I'm wondering if it will help or hurt the transition... thinking like a nurse to thinking like a doctor. Part of me says that I should totally leave nursing behind and fully immerse myself in medicine. The other part of me thinks that pulling occasional shifts will give me a chance to use my new knowledge and see it in the "real" world before clerkship...

Abbey (on ER) seems to do ok :cool: ..... mind you she has worked some shifts as a RN where she's jumped in and intubated patients/put in central lines, etc - a big "no-no"...

any comments?
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