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Sep 10, 2008
hi, is it me or the explanation (for example CDP Test #1: 1, 4, 6 etc..)for key hole problems are little off-scale??

I thought you look at it as Y-axis (vertical line) and if those vertical line (let's just say you have one rectangular in from and a triangle on the back and the both of vertical lengths seem to be matched), then why is that it doesn't completely overlap? its hard to explain in words, I guess but it just don't make any sense to me.. (maybe people who already have CDP will be able to help me out! )

for example, when you have 2 serial rectangular boxes aligned back to back (with little space like 0.5inches in between) and when you look at it 45 angle from left and you see that top width and vertical length matches, so you crush them against the wall and it should be overlapping you know... (kind of like a domino...)

man... I don't think anyone will try to answer my question, huh?

I guess mind as well give a try...
Thank you thank you thank you so much in advance who answers my question...
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