Creighton (Phoenix) VS Albany

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Jul 27, 2021
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Albany's COA is around 10k less than Creightons but Creighton is a little bit closer to home. I also don't know which school is going to be better for research, so any input is appreciated.

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I'd probably go Creighton here. Albany basically has A, B, C, D, F grades for preclinical, which will be stressful. Creighton is not true pass fail, but it seems like it would be better. Also you'd be closer to home at Creighton Phoenix, which is probably worth the 10k per year
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Albany is actually moving to P/F from this year and they also take step 2 in the third year. Does this change your answer?
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I’d do Creighton still to be closer to home. It’s probably easier to fly out of Phoenix on top of that
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Tough one.

If you plan to match southwest or midwest, then I'd say Creighton. If it's the NE, I'd go Albany.

Having AMC right there will help with home-field advantage in almost every specialty and obtaining research projects as opposed to Creighton PHX which lacks a lot of home programs (although lots of surrounding resources to tap into). However, there will be a lot of growing pains as it seems Albany is revising the curriculum and grading this year.
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Thank You all for your help I think I'll go to Creighton!
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