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dat breakdown 7/25/17


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Jun 1, 2017
  1. Pre-Dental
    Just took my dat on july 25th and figured I'd post a breakdown. Studied for 2-3 months using destroyer, Crack Pat, bootcamp and chads and Achiever. I scored:
    23 aa
    22 ts
    21 bio
    22 orgo
    27 gc
    22 qr
    21 reading
    21 pat
    3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa

    First, I would like to say I am very happy I am done with this test. In my opinion, overall the dat is different from all other third party resources in all aspects but especially pat. The key in my opinion to scoring well is to study hard and stay confident while studying.

    Although being a bio major, this section scared me the most As others have posted, this is the most random section but doable. I began studying for bio by skimming through Cliff's ap bio (not essential). I then tested my knowledge by working through destroyer and boy did it destroy me. I was scoring about 50 percent through the first 300 questions. After the first 300 questions, I began using ferallis notes. I believe ferallis notes are a much better resource for bio if you have a strong bio background. After studying ferallis notes, I started destroyer again along with achiever (do not recommend). Due to my disappointment with achiever I bought bootcamp and used it as practice test scores along with testing my knowledge from ferallis. Overall my bootcamp averages were 18-23 and felt bootcamp accurately predicted my score.
    Orgo- 22
    I primarily used chads, destroyer and bootcamp. Destoryer orgo is definitely overkill but essential to scoring well in this section. I was able to work through destroyer orgo twice and was scoring over 80 percent correct my second time through it. My bootcamp averages were from 19-23 but primarily 20-22.
    Gen Chem- 27
    I enjoyed studying for this section the most. Similarly to orgo I used bootcamp, chads, and destroyer. Again I feel destroyer is an essential to doing well even if it is a little overkill. My bootcamp averages were 19-25 but I believe the last 5 bootcamp practice tests were not representative of the real exam and very calculation heavy. My exam was fairly balanced between calculations and theory questions.
    I used bootcamp and crack pat for this section. I believe bootcamp is much harder than the real deal but is essential to scoring well in this section. I would say bootcamp is worth it for this section alone!! I was scoring 18-19 and scored a 20 once. I felt the real dat was much easier and bootcamp prepared me well for any questions thrown at me (I received 3 rock problems). Crack the pat on the otherhand predicted my score better but I would not rely solely on crack. It does not expose you to the more difficult pat questions. My only regret in this section is not using bootcamp and the generators earlier in my studies.
    This section is pretty straight foward, I used math destroyer and bootcamp. I believe both are a little overkill but prepare you for the worst and allow you to get your timing down.
    Similar to qr, reading was pretty straight foward. Bootcamp was my only practice for this section. I averaged 19-20 on practice exams. My advice is to use bootcamp to pick a strategy and don't deviate from it especially on test day.
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