Aug 20, 2020
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Hey everyone ! I just took my DAT today and while I was studying for it, these forums helped me a lot (Although sometimes it actually confused me !!) so I promised myself to post a thread when I was done so I can help another fellow at least. I'm just gonna cut right into the chase cuz I hate writing long essays and I know most of you are tired of reading long stuff so...
Here is my results :
DAT 2 Sep 2020 = PAT 23/ QR 30/ RC 22/ BIO 22/ GC 24/ OC 30/ AA 26
I have used DAT Bootcamp, DAT Destroyer and DAT Booster (It also include PAT Booster) as my study sources and in my breakdown Im gonna say which one was beneficial and which one wasn't.

PAT : CONTRADICTORY to what I have seen in DAT Bootcamp and DAT Booster, Keyholes and TFE was REALLY EASY on actual test. Cube counting and Hole punching was fair. Ok now you're wondering what about other two? Angle Ranking was really hard! I nearly broke my goddamn neck just trying to figure out which angle was bigger so I think you need to watch out for it... BUT...Lets come to Pattern Folding...Look I'm gonna be honest with you all I think I got only 5-6 right ! IT WAS TERRIBLE ! EXTREMELY HARD ! I always got 13-15 right on DAT Booster and Bootcamp and they werent even comparable to what was on actual test !! AND Im not talking about time ! I nearly spent 20 mins on Pattern Folding and still couldnt do them all in time ! I gotta admit if I had 1 hour ONLY for Pattern Folding :wtf: I still wouldnt have got more than 7 right! It was TERRIBLE :uhno: ! So either really practise on it or just pray to god or whoever you believe in that you dont get the same version as mine! Generally speaking PAT was more similar to BOOTCAMP ! BUT...BUT...DAT Booster was what prepared me and made me really fast ! SO...SOOOO...If I were you I would LEARN and PRACTICE using Booster and TEST myself using Bootcamp but BOTH are definetely recommended. If you are really tight in budget...then just go with Booster cuz its always better to be more prepared than less.

QR : I wanted to insert a picture of a piece of cake here instead of a breakdown! It was great ! EASY and CHILL ! Which source? DEFINETELY BC ! Then Destroyer ! NO Booster ! NO ! Not at all ! AVOID that ! I got 39-40 right on all of the tests that I did both in BC and Destroyer and STILL I couldnt even finish Booster QR on time ! For god sake who in the blue hell have made Booster QR questions?! In addition to being long, they were really hard too (The questions I mean :eyebrow:) I wouldn't even recommend taking a look at Booster QR!

RC : It was really weird ! I got 40 questions on 2 passages and 10 for 1. Generally it was fair ! My first passage Im sure was taken from kindergarten books ! BUT my second passage was taken right from Mechanical engineering book ! And passage 3 was somewhere in between ! So I finished 20 questions for passage 1 in 8 mins ! and I was like Heh...Call me RC destroyer :shifty:every question was DIRECTLY in the passage and was wayy more obvious than you think BUT I spent 40 MINS on the second passage ! I can assure you none of the questions were directly from the text ! You should have FULLY understood the text in order to answer the questions ! Then I spent 12 mins on passage 3 which was normal...passage 3 was like the passages that you generally see in Bootcamp but a little shorter! Passage 2 was like the passages you see in DAT Booster! So I again recommend getting them both!

Bio : 30 Questions really fair ! Even easier than Bootcamp and Booster BUT 10 Questions were ABSOLUTELY WORST ! I have studied Destroyer, Bootcamp, Booster and many different notes ! I have literaly seen more than 2000 questions of BIO and STILL I had no idea what so ever were those 10 questions. I used Bootcamp 122 page note and I think its really good. What to study? The more, the better ! But between the 3 sources : Bootcamp(Specially the 122 page note) > Booster >> Destroyer (Has a lot of UNNECESSARY INFO) I generally think instead of just studying, the more you do practice teste the better ! So definetely get Bootcamp and then get Booster ! And if you have extra money either venmo it to me or get destroyer ! :cigar: I mean Destroyer is not bad but you only learn 50 USEFUL stuff doing 782 questions !! So you're the judge here...

GC : GREAT ! EASY ! I cant believe how easy it was ! And I really dont know how I didnt get 30?! :shrug: Bootcamp is great ! Other than that you can try Booster ! But if you get these two then Destoryer wouldnt be necessary !

OC : AbsoFFFFFLutely EASY and GREAT !! Again Bootcamp is great and sufficient !! Other than that you can try Booster ! Also you can try Destroyer if you're planning to switch major and open a goddamn chem lab in future !
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Jul 22, 2020
  1. Pre-Dental
How long did you study for, and did you cover every practice test in booster and bootcamp?

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