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  1. N


    Hi everyone! After finishing up the DAT this past Monday, I finally have had time to post a breakdown. Since I used so many other breakdowns to develop my study schedule, I wanted to be able to give back a little bit. This period can feel overwhelming, but the time you put in now will truly pay...
  2. kachao123

    September 2020 DAT Breakdown (25 AA/ 24TS/ 23 PA)

    Background: I am a Bio major just now starting my Junior year. I didn't even know when I had to take the DAT so it was good doing some research online, and I kind of panicked when I realized you had to schedule it 2 months in advance. Also, a lot of breakdowns are scary talking about studying...
  3. AAAmin

    DAT Sep 2020 Breakdown

    Hey everyone ! I just took my DAT today and while I was studying for it, these forums helped me a lot (Although sometimes it actually confused me !!) so I promised myself to post a thread when I was done so I can help another fellow at least. I'm just gonna cut right into the chase cuz I hate...
  4. E

    Dat in a week, need help!

    Hey everyone, I have attached my bootcamp scores for all tests and I want to know if you guys think I will do better or worse on the real thing. I know practice scores aren't a perfect indicator and for every question I get wrong on my exams, I write down the answer on a piece of paper and...
  5. D

    Complete Low Dat Score

  6. beeepbooop

    21AA DAT (21AA/21PAT/20TS): some encouragement!

    I just took my DAT today and did better than I was anticipating with a 21AA. I wanted to make a brief post to encourage people who are still studying and still feeling like they're not hitting the scores that they want to get on the actual test. Obviously this is just my experience, but I...
  7. Auntymarkovnikov

    What schools should I add to my list?

    My GPA is 3.49. I have an AA 19, TS 20, PAT 20 What schools should I add to my list?? (some of these are reaches so I need some realistic ones) UCSF UOP USC UCLA Western UWashington Oregon UNLV MWA NYU Tufts UMichigan
  8. K

    DAT 2017 DONE!!

    I thought I would put out a review/any info to help because I used these threads a lot while studying for the DAT. This summer was pretty much hell, but so worth it. In the end I ended up with the following: PAT: 18 BIO:23 GC: 22 OC:22 RC:26 QR:20 AA: 23 Here is what I did to study...
  9. dl2501

    DAT Breakdown 23AA/24PAT/24TS (non-science major)

    Let’s start this breakdown! Study time period: I graduated at the end of May, and after being with family for a week or so, I started to do research about this DAT thing. And if you take anything away from this post, it is this: do research about all the different study materials and...
  10. D

    Officially Done with DAT

    Today I took my DAT. I am writing this to give my thoughts on what I did for preparation and what I recommend to others. My scores are listed below. AA: 23 TS: 24 PAT: 24 QR: 24 RC: 19 BIO: 22 GC: 23 OC: 26 To start, the best thing I can suggest is to get as much exam practice as possible. You...
  11. T

    Bootcamp GC vs. DAT

    Just wondering everyones opinion on the Gen. Chem on the Bootcamp compared to your actual DAT. I know the test is different for everyone, but by completely understand/knowing all Gen. Chem questions on test 1-5, is this sufficient for the real DAT?
  12. L

    DAT Breakdown 2017 (23AA 23TS)

    Just finished taking the DAT today! I know that when I was studying the past couple months, reading other people's breakdown really helped me, so I wanted to do my part and share my thoughts and my study materials on the DAT. DAT scores: PAT 20 QR 20 RC 25 Bio 20 GC 26 OC 25 TS 23 AA 23 Time...
  13. MessiNeymar10

    Questions regarding my PAT scores/other scores on BC.. 1 week before DAT

    Hello friends, long time lurker here. I take my DAT in about a week and I've taken 4 individual PAT BC tests this past week and I'm not able to finish any of them. My strategy is to avoid TFE by making sure I do the rest to solid accuracy. I start on Angle-hole punch-cube-pattern-keyhole and IF...
  14. DDental777

    Am I really ready ?!?

    My DAT is very very close Here is my BC scores (First try) Bio 21-24-21-21-23-20-19-20-18-19 Chem 17-23-20-18-22-19-24-19-18-22 Orgo 18-18-22-23-26-22-19-20-22-21 Pat avg 19 Reading avg 18 Qr avg 17 2009 Dat Bio 25 Chem23 Orgo 24 Pat 19 2007 Dat Bio 26 Chem 25 Orgo 28 Pat 19 Also...
  15. R

    dat bootcamp scores

    Debating on pushing back my dat which is in two weeks. These are my bootcamp practice test scores. What should I do? GC: 19/18/21/19/19 Bio: 18/18/18/18/20/23/19 Orgo: 18/20/18/21/19/21 qr: 19/19/18/19 pat: 18/18/18/18 Reading 20/19/20
  16. DDental777

    HELP ! Doing better on Dat destroyer then in bootcamp orgo

    Hi my exam is coming up this is mybsecond time taking it Im doing the orgo in the destroyer 2016 and its easier then the BC orgo How should i go about this ??
  17. D1Bound

    DAT Bootcamp Scores

    I've gotten a 16 a 15 and a 15 on my biology sections so far. I'm 23 days away from test day. Should I be worried?
  18. G

    06/02/17 DAT Results

    Hi Pre-Dents! Took the DAT yesterday (June 2, 2017) and here are my results: 24AA, 24TS, 24Bio, 22GC, 26OC, 24RC, 22QR, 22PAT Materials used: DAT Bootcamp, Ari's Study Schedule and all related materials (DAT Destroyer 2017, Math Destroyer 2017, 2007 DAT, 2009 DAT, Cliffs AP Bio 3rd edition)...
  19. D

    DAT bootcamp score and how to improve it?

    Hi, I just finished a dat Bootcamp test today.(I already finish full-length test, so I combine the every #7 subject test to a full length) I will have my exam in a week. The score break down: Bio 23 GC 25 OC 21 RC 19 QR 23 PAT 20 AA 22 I feel I could do better on RC/PAT, because I am disturbed...
  20. B

    PAT...Bootcamp or CrackDAT PAT???

    I've been practicing with both, but it seems like CDP tests are easier than the bootcamp generators...which ones most similar to the DAT?!
  21. D

    DAT in 2 weeks! Help and Recommendations please!

    Hey SDN, So my DAT is in two and a half weeks and I have a few questions. I have been studying for a couple months with Chads, AP Bio, Cliffs, and Destroyer. Now that I have roughly 16 days left, I wanted to know what is the best thing to be doing in the upcoming weeks. I have done destroyer...
  22. A

    1 week to DAT... FREAKING OUT

    So I have my DAT in exactly one week from today. I have been studying since June when my classes ended. I've been mainly been using Bootcamp and Destroyer for practice questions, and I find them both to be extremely helpful. Here is my dilemma: When I do untimed practice on any subject, I...
  23. briggsinator2

    Reschedule DAT? Need help asap!

    Just took the 2009 ADA DAT, and thought I absolutely KILLED it... Was very surprised by my scores (other than bio/PAT, that is): GC 21, OC 20, RC 21, QR 19, PAT 23, BIO 28 TS 22, AA 21.8 I thought the math on the 2009 ADA DAT was absolutely terrible... Thought I would get a 16 lol. Felt...
  24. A

    HELPP!!!!! Rescheduling?

    I just took my first complete Bootcamp test and these are my scores: BIO- 22 GC-24 OC- 30 RC-20 QR-18 PAT-16 I took one of the practice PAT test yesterday, and got a 16 too. My test is in 5 days, and I'm thinking of rescheduling because of my PAT scores. I'm having the hardest time doing well...
  25. D

    Just took my DAT last Saturday

    Got incredible scores (Bio 24 GC 24 OC 30 PAT 26 RC 23 QR 27 AA 26) and wanted to thank Bootcamp and DAT destroyer for their excellent practice problems. For starters yes you can cross off options in any sections by right clicking that option and highlight texts in RC. I didn't know this thing...