1. T

    SSRI addiction and withdrawal

    So, I know there is a consensus among psychiatrists that antidepressants, and especially SSRIs are not addictive, contrary to - say - benzodiazepinic drugs or psychostimulants. The thing is, I've seen some studies that DO mention that most patients being tapered off antidepressants have...
  2. S

    DIY Post Bacc withdrawal question

    For background: (Planning to apply this cycle to TMDSAS do not want to push MCAT back past May as I will need to apply early) I am in my gap year currently as a full time employee at a hospital on weekends (3 12 hour shifts) and full time student Mon-Thurs with volunteering on Tuesday and...
  3. S

    AMCAS Transcript -- Need Help!

    I withdrew a semester and my transcript only shows "withdrawal date: xx/xx/xxxx". Classes I was enrolled in are omitted completely (I have a very good reason for withdrawing if curious). I read on past posts on sdn that I would need to request the university's registrar to forward AMCAS an...
  4. 77fatcats

    When is it worth it to withdraw?

    This is a somewhat specific situation -- I normally would never withdraw with a B. Basically, I overloaded my workload this semester (1st of my junior year) like crazy - I'm taking 19 credit hours, all of which are science classes, and I'm also working part-time and volunteering and doing...
  5. Doctoscope

    1 class withdrawal NOT on transcript, but on internal student records - does it need to be reported?

    Wondering if I should withdraw from a class that's taking up WAY too much time. Essentially, the school policy is that you can withdraw from a class before the final and it'll be marked as a W on your internal student records, but it does not appear anywhere on transcripts or any other...
  6. T

    My acceptance rescinded?

  7. D

    Applying to MD PhD with One Withdrawal

    I plan to apply for MD PhD programs my senior year (taking a Gap year). My two top schools are Emory and Stanford. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and I’m a junior. I’ve been doing research since the summer of freshman year, each semester. I also got into Mayo Clinic’s summer fellowship for this...
  8. 510braves

    Withdrawing from a class after being accepted?

    If I got accepted into a school that does not require cell biology as a pre-requisite, can I withdraw from the class with a W and it not affect getting in?
  9. N


  10. lodo.owl

    How bad is it, really? Past grief, multiple withdrawals, and stressing out.

    Hey all, kind of a long background story here but would absolutely love and appreciate any honest feedback and advice. Early 20s. Biracial female (African-American and French/Dutch). Currently I’m a sophomore at a state school. Started my freshman year with a 3.9, started scribing part time in...
  11. lodo.owl


  12. DocSherman

    W's in Post-Bacc: Need Some Advice

    Hello. I’m planning on applying later this year for medicine. However, I’m in a pickle. I’ve been trying to take some courses to raise my science GPA, which is very borderline (my cGPA is higher since I wasn't a science major in college). I’ve been taking one Bio course at an institution (PM...
  13. R

    Withdrawing Application Question?

    Hi! If I withdraw an application from a school prior to submitting a secondary will I still be considered a reapplicant at that school if I end up re-applying next cycle?
  14. B

    Is withdrawing from all my classes mid semester going to be a dealbreaker?

    Hi! I’m currently a sophomore at a top 15 private university with a 3.8 gpa. This semester, my mother become very sick (kidney cancer) and I need to move back home to take care of here for a few weeks as she recovers from surgery. Because of this, I will have to drop all my classes this semester...
  15. Punished Angeleno

    W in Non-Prerequisite Course

    So, I am enrolled in a lower division business management course at a community college and I decided I don't want to take it anymore and would rather focus on the other three classes I'm taking (histology, physiology, and physics). However, I completely forgot about the withdrawal deadline so I...
  16. M

    Help! Withdraw application after verification

    Hello guys, I am in the situation where seriously considering withdrawing my application for the current cycle. My MCAT score is very low compared to the target score, and I decided to withdraw from this cycle and apply next cycle after I well-prepare myself. I have cGPA of 3.60 and sGPA of...
  17. H


    Hi All, I would like to preface this by saying that I attended full-time dual enrollment program from 2016 to May of 2018 that allowed to earn an associate degree. Since these credits were completed before my high school diploma was issued, I believe they are considered dual enrollment...
  18. C

    In Need of Serious Advice

    Hello, I exaggerated my role in several of my ECs and now the guilt has become too heavy to handle. I regretted it almost immediately after submitted my app. Pressured by friends, family, and more importantly, myself, I continued on and so far have filled out about 18 secondaries. I know what...
  19. moogly82

    Rocky Vista University (RVU) Acquisition by Saint George University (SGU)

    I'm a first year student at RVU having just started this week. The president of RVU gave an announcement that RVU is being acquired by Medforth, which is the parent company that also owns Saint George University in Grenada. As many of you may know, SGU is the stereotypical Caribbean model for...
  20. J

    Withdrew from SMP. Best Options Moving Forward?

    Hi all, here is my story. I graduated from undergrad 2 years ago with a 3.59 overall and 3.29 BCPM. Have great clinical experience and decent volunteer experience. Worked in a microbio research lab for a gap year and attended an SMP program the year after that to solidify my chances and possibly...
  21. N

    Multiple Ws Question

    Hi all. Recent college grad. Over the course of college I've taken 4Ws, two sophomore year and two senior year. All were in non-pre med courses except one in orgo 1, which I took because I was dealing with personal issues at the time and needed to do what was best for my mental health. Since...
  22. B

    Take a W or a B in Genetics?

    So, I have a couple personal reasons for why I'm not doing great in genetics, however I don't really want to bring them up as excuses or anything. My main question is if you guys think I should withdraw from my genetics class, or settle with (at best) a B or a B+. I've had to settle with Bs and...
  23. K

    How bad is a withdrawal

    Currently in a statics class and I'm most likely going to get a C or BC at most, it doesn't affect my pre-reqs or even my back-up major and without it, my GPA will be good; how badly will a withdrawal freshman year reflect during admissions.
  24. T

    Taking a Withdrawn in a Class After Medical Leave

    Hi there, I was hoping for some help making a decision. So sorry for the long post. So, I was a first semester sophomore in college after a freshman year of getting a 4.0. I was taking organic chemistry 1, and then had to leave quite quickly about 2 weeks before finals because of a medical...
  25. S

    How Will a W look on my transcript?

    I'm currently a freshman, and I'm thinking of dropping my World History course. It has just been taking too much time out of my science classes. How will a W affect my chances of getting into graduate or medical school? This would be my first drop, and since it's not a major class, would it be...
  26. D

    Withdrawal from core prereq?

    I'm currently a freshman and withdrawing from gen chem this semester. I had a family emergency that resulted in me flying back and forth from my home state to the state where my university is currently located. This caused me to totally screw up any chance of even getting a "C" in the course...
  27. G

    Withdrawal of ONE PreReq?

    Hi all. So I'm a current junior taking Physics I as per the traditional route. We had our first exam and while I didn't score much below the average score, I didn't do great either. In fact, I was a few points off from being in what the professor claimed would be an area of concern. The...
  28. M

    Dropping Physiology course after deadline

    I am dual AA/diploma recipient currently attending the University of Florida as a freshman and currently have 15 credits. My academic adviser has a huge issue with my course load: Organic I, Physics (W/O calc) with lab I, Human Physiology, Economics food issues, and and introductory course to...
  29. D

    Hairy Transcript due to Health Issues

    Hello, I was hoping you could give me an idea of how my transcript will be viewed by an adcom. Apologies in advance for rambling. I have a 3.75 cGPA and a 3.82 science GPA. Unfortunately, I had to withdraw from a semester (sophomore fall) for health issues. Further, I didn't get proper...
  30. latiere


  31. R

    What are my chances for med school?

    Hi, I'm an undergrad at a CC. Do I still have a chance for acceptance into med school? (bad ochem, 3 Withdrawals) My gpa isn't ideal: 3.4 overall, ??? science (I got B's in bio, A's in physics, but C's in both Ochems). I did not do well in Ochem because I am a huge procrastinator. Of course it...
  32. V

    Application Withdrawal Etiquette

    Not that I'm at this step at all yet, but I keep reading MDApps where these applicants withdrew their applications to numerous schools either because they couldn't afford to submit another secondary/attend an interview or they had already gotten enough offers from other places. I understand...
  33. A

    Withdraw from university twice? Please help

    I feel like a failure. I really need lot of help. I came into UC Berkeley as a freshman two years ago. First semester, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and enrolled with the disability program on campus. Then in spring, I was disowned by my parents and got sexually assaulted by a gang member...
  34. S

    Having a 'W' on your transcript

    Hi I'm currently thinking about dropping a course from my schedule because it's become too stressful and difficult. The course is an engineering course and not anything required for medical school. Currently I have a 3.7 GPA and 2 more years of school left but I'm afraid having a W or a C on my...
  35. rosyrisu

    What's worse: Getting 2 C's in core undergrad classes or withdrawing them?

    I was sick with strep for 2 weeks and during those 2 weeks I missed the lectures leading up to 3 tests in 2 classes(bio 2 has a lab and lecture integrated into 1 class and they both had tests the same week, and a gen chem 2 test). Both my bio and chem prof did not allow me to reschedule those...
  36. D


  37. B

    Withdrawing in Undergrad Class

    Hi guys, this is my first post here! So basically I'm a freshman (in my second semester) at the best university in my state so it's fairly challenging and I'm still adjusting. My first summer semester I took statistics and intro to Chem and got a B+ in both when I could've done way better if I...
  38. F

    Withdrawal from class in Undergrad

    So I am planning to go into a pre-med program possible after I get my associates in Biology or if I end up transferring for the following spring or fall but ended up withdrawing/dropping a class due to work overload. I was taking 5 classes and 3 of them with separate labs. I am working part-time...
  39. U

    Which is worse a D on college transcript, or a D?

    Hey everybody, so I am taking summer school Calculus 1 at a community college, rather than my regular 4 year university, and did not study very hard the first couple weeks of the course. I am shooting for at least a C in the course, but there is a high probability that I will get a D. The...
  40. mcdreaming

    W or C in a non-major course?

    Hi all, I'm taking a 3 credit course in computer engineering and I am a biochemistry major. In the beginning of the semester, I thought I could handle it but it has become increasingly difficult and I haven't been able to keep up with it. I'm currently a second year and my GPA is 3.87 and...