Aug 8, 2014
My gpa is a 2.51 after the grade replacment.The school I'd really like to go to is Western University.
Would I a high Mcat score make me standout? If it is not to late does it mean I have to ace every class ?

My grades so far are
Fall 2013
(5)Chemistry 1 C
(4) English 1 B-

Spring 2014
(5)Precalculas C
(3) English 2 A-

Fall 2014
(3)Sociology B
(5)Calculas 1 F
(5)Biology D

Spring 2015
(5) Chemistry 2 C
(4) Calculas 1 B

I'm still going to do 2 more semesters. And I know I can do a lot better now because since I've started college I have had a lot of things to worry about so I could never really focus. And my depression made it difficult to even care about my grades.


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The first thing you need to do is talk to someone (a professional mental health clinician) about your depression. That seems to be an underlying cause of your inability to perform well in classes. After you do that, you should retake classes until your GPA (both s and c) is above a 3.0, preferably above a 3.3. Retake biology and then both chem 1 and 2. I see you have only retaken calculus so far. After that, you should aim for a strong MCAT score.

You still are not done with college, so you have some time left, but I can't emphasize enough the fact that you have to confront and deal with your depression. If you don't, your academic performance is not likely to change.

Best of luck.


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Jun 17, 2015
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Please find assistance for your depression, as WedgeDog suggested. You need to put yourself and your health first before anything else. Once you feel you have a better understanding and handling of your depression, school should be easier to manage. Depression sucks. Stay strong. x


As the previous posters suggested, get help NOW!
If your school do not offer mental health counselling service, talk with your Primary Care doc and (s)he can refer you to a mental health personnel and may be (s)he can help you also! ((S)he had been a PreMed student also! My primary care doc was the first one to encourage me continue my journey when I was even giving up on myself!)

And, do NOT give up! You can do it! If you really want to be a physician, put in your best in everything that you do and one day, you would be able to reach to your destination. I am in similar shoes like you (actually a little worse and went through a period of depression also!) But I got help and recovered! You can too!
(PS: I got my first A for a four credit class yesterday! :soexcited:) So, if I can have the grit, so can you!

And as always (like Goro says), try to retake all the classes where you received a grade C or below and aim for a high MCAT! You can only try your best to ace a class and if you put in the best effort, you can ace all the classes :thumbup:
"Adcoms like resilience...and there are MD schools that reward reinvention" and DO schools, as always, do grade replacement :) (quoting @Goro )

Try not to compare yourself with others, you are YOUR OWN comparison! Talk with your professors of your future classes regarding your mental state and how you want to get back up and I am sure, they will be more than happy to help you! Focus on your own improvement, not on how you are performing compared to others.

Good luck @Donnythebunny !
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