Does anyone know of any pre-dental volunteer opportunities in South America?

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Jul 27, 2010
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I would really to like to volunteer for a couple of weeks in South America next summer. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good programs/organizations that are somewhat affordable and allow for ~2 week commitments. I am applying to dental school for the 2011 cycle, but I have always wanted to travel to another country and volunteer with a program dentistry-related before I commit myself to 4 years of intense studying and will not have time for such opportunities. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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I already do. Teaching ESL to residents in my community and helping them to pass their citizenship exams. I enjoy it, and have learned some Chinese words and U.S. history from helping with the program. But I have studied Spanish for 5 years, and would like to be able to use what I have learned, as well as immerse myself in a different culture.
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Here's something an oral surgeon I shadowed referred me to: If you don't care to go with this organization, it's probably not the only one of this sort. Just browse the interwebs and you'll come across some more.