Jun 10, 2016
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I applied to Medical schools this past cycle and was dropped off the waitlist from 2 allopathic state schools that aren't generally considered very competitive. My interviewers commented on the quality of my medical and volunteer experiences, so I'm fairly confident in that area of my application. The main reason I wasn't accepted is most likely my MCAT score, which I took early before the format changed, but I'm also worried it may be my GPA. My stats are:
cGPA: 3.59
sGPA: 3.53
MCAT: 27
I graduated a semester early with a B.S in Biology from Clemson. I am considering an SMP because I didn't feel like my major was very challenging and my GPA is pretty borderline. I also fear that I'll lose focus and access to academic recommendations since I've been out of school so long. I've already committed to Tulane's Pharmacology SMP, but I'm wondering if my gap year would be better spent getting a job at a local clinic and studying for the MCAT on the side. I'm also worried that the course load will take away from my MCAT prep since the program starts a month before my test date this summer. Does anybody have advice for someone considering an SMP with around 3.5 GPA?


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May 5, 2015
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Your GPA is with 0.1 of the MD matriculant average(well within 0.5 SD's). Your MCAT is over 1 SD below the MD matriculant average. One of them is a weakness. The other isn't. Focus on improving the weakness, especially considering the cost of an SMP.
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Jun 16, 2014
San Junipero
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An SMP is not going to fix a low MCAT, which is your main issue. Spend this summer studying for the MCAT, knock it out of the park, and you'll be in great shape for next cycle!
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Mar 14, 2012
Middle of Nowhere
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Retake the MCAT (aim for a 30+) and re apply to your state schools, friendly OOS and DO programs. I wouldn't suggest an SMP because your GPAs aren't the issue - and it's reasonable to go from a 27 to a 30 MCAT

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