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  1. dyeraa

    For Sale MCAT Kaplan 2016 Books For Sale $80

    MCAT Kaplan Prep Books 2016 - Second Edition 3 of the books have some highlighted areas but they are like new! All 7 subjects including Quicksheets. -Behavioral Sciences -Biochemistry -Biology -General Chemistry -Organic Chemistry -Physics & Math -CARS Message me for info! Selling...
  2. M

    PCAT 2017 Resources for sell (99 composite score)

    Hey guys, I just took my PCAT July 2017 and with my study resources I got a 99 composite (bio99,chem99,reading92,math92). I have Dr.Collins 2017, Cliffs AP bio, and more resources that really helped with the passages. Email me at [email protected] if you're interested :) and good luck on your...
  3. D

    Electrostatics TBR

    The dielectric constant K of an unknown material is measured as a function of temperature. What can explain the sharp rise and subsequent slow decay of K as the temperature increases? Graph is K vs T : it has a sharp increase at T1 and then starts to decrease A- The solid material melts at T1...
  4. examsandyams

    Selling ALL Kaplan 2016 MCAT Material -- Want it to go

    Hi everyone, I'm selling the "MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review: Online + Book (Kaplan Test Prep) 3rd Edition (2016)." Neither the online or the books have been used, so they're in new condition. I'm trying to get rid of them ASAP, so I'm willing to negotiate the price. PM if you're...
  5. nfarstad18

    What are the Next Steps

    I am a junior in undergrad and am majoring in biochemistry. Thus far I have completed my A.S. in biotechnology at a community college before transferring all 60 some credits to the university I am at now. I have completed gen chem I and II with lab, gen bio I and II with lab, o chem I and am...
  6. C

    Need to start studying for MCAT, but overwhelmed by options

    Hello all! I graduated in May with a B.S. in biochemistry and plan on taking the MCAT on January 19th. I have the Kaplan set, ordered EK 9th edition, EK 101 Verbal, EK 1001 for the sciences, and AAMC question packs, guide, and flashcards. I briefly checked out Khan Academy yesterday. It...
  7. M

    For Sale TBR Book Set (2016) & TPRH Verbal Workbook (2010)

    Please refer to new thread.
  8. C

    NEED TPR HL Verbal

    I need this ASAP. Anyone have in any kind of working condition. Obviously the less marred, the better.
  9. mcat prep

    MCAT Test Prep Week Special: Win a free MCAT Question Bank (worth $399)

    An MCAT Question Bank by Gold Standard MCAT can be yours for free! Simply participate in this thread during SDN Test Prep Week on September 19-23, 2016 and tell us (1) if this is the first time that you will be taking the MCAT exam and (2) what do you want to know about the Gold Standard MCAT or...
  10. mcat prep

    MCAT Test Prep Week Giveaway: 2 MCAT Practice Tests by Gold Standard MCAT (worth $70)

    Two online full-length MCAT practice tests by Gold Standard MCAT (GS-1 and GS-2) can be yours for free for 3 months! Simply participate in this thread during SDN Test Prep Week on September 19-23, 2016 by answering the following questions: (1) What do you want to know about Gold Standard MCAT...
  11. mcat prep

    MCAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win an online MCAT Course with 3 months access (worth $150)

    3 months access to the online MCAT Crash Course by Gold Standard MCAT will be given away to 3 winners for free! Simply participate in this thread during the SDN Test Prep Week on September 19-23, 2016 by telling us the following: (1) Which section of the MCAT exam do you feel most prepared for...
  12. D

    Raw score to Actual Score

    Hi everyone, I just took the mcat. I can't find any charts or conversions to estimate my raw score~actual score. Hoping to get help figuring out a ball park of what I got. Every time I was unsure of a question I noted it. At the end of the test I went through and added up the ones I...
  13. P

    502 MCAT, 3.51 GPA, URM - share experiences

    Non-traditional, Latino applicant California resident Applied only to MD schools
  14. M

    Advice for Pre-med that might be rushing?

    Hello everyone, So Im currently in my first week Senior year at University. Before starting this semester I had plans on taking 15 credits this fall, allowing me to have enough time (20hr/week) to study for the MCAT. Now looking at my syllabus for my 4 courses (+one internship and 2 part time...
  15. M

    Next Step Practice MCAT Scores

    Taking my actual exam Sept. 10. I've been scoring between 502-505 on the NS exams. Haven't taken AAMC's FL, but will do so in the next few days. Scores have been consistently >125, w/ psych/soc showing the greatest fluctuation. How good are the NS exams as a predictor of the real score? Aiming...
  16. P

    What should I do for this last week before my MCAT and how do I seem to be doing so far?

    I've been studying very hard this entire summer and take the MCAT August 20th. I am retaking from a 494 (124, 121, 125, 124) that I got in January after obviously not taking the MCAT seriously enough the first time around. I spent about 6.5 weeks doing content review and the rest of the time...
  17. H

    Should I take a gap year/take and void my MCAT next week?

    Alright, so I'm kind of in a huge dilemma right now. I am scheduled to take the MCAT next Saturday (August 20th). This is already the third time that I've changed my MCAT date (from June to July to August) and I devoted pretty much the whole summer to studying. I'm kicking myself because I feel...
  18. H

    ignore this thread...accidentally posted in wrong forum, now can't delete

  19. P

    Not much progress... should I postpone?

    Hi everyone, I'm an incoming 3rd year scheduled for the Sept 10th MCAT and am feeling discouraged right now after my last FL practice. I had summer school and work this past month but reviewed for the MCAT throughout, so I figured I'd be doing better now that I don't have those obligations...
  20. Y

    Took MCAT 3x!

    I have taken the MCAT 3x.... waiting on my 3rd score. First MCAT taken in Jan 15... rushed through it cuz I didnt want to take the new one -_- 23 Second 127/121/127/127 Third: waiting on the score cGPA: 3.54 sGPA: 3.33 otherwise super strong applicant in terms of experiences... including...
  21. C

    Science Prereqs for New MCAT

    Hey guys! Because I am planning on taking the MCAT in January, this will be my last semester of taking science prep classes for it. I have heard biochem is a must for the new MCAT, however I'm stuck with what other science class I should take. I've heard a lot about cell bio and genetics, but...
  22. M

    examkrackers practice test conversion

    Hi everyone! For those of you completing the EK full-lengths, would you happen to know of any reliable way to convert the % score to actual MCAT score? Or maybe you can recount your experience i.e. how did your performance on the EK practice exams correlate with the actual exam performance...
  23. C

    Retake 506 MCAT? Nontraditional 4.0 post bacc

    I was so hoping I wouldn't be stuck in this position....But now I have no idea how to proceed. I got my MCAT score yesterday and hadn't hit the submit button for primary bc I wanted to see score, not what I anticipated. C/P 129 CARS 125 B/B 124 ( eeekkk) P/S 128 I was shocked as CARS and B/B...
  24. M

    Lack of motivation to study for MCAT

    Hello everyone, I am currently approaching my senior year in college with plans to take the MCAT in february /march of 2017. I am pretty organized and good at making schedules, but my problem is my I just cant start studying. This summer I did take a summer class and it ended on june 30th. The...
  25. G

    Haven't taken MCAT, 3.75cGPA, 3.8sGPA

    MCAT: N/A cGPA: 3.75 sGPA: 3.8 Medical volunteer hours: ~150 Other volunteer hours: ~100 Shadowing: 12 Research: 0 I work both as a tutor and as a desk assistant for ~20 hours per week. I've played the violin for 11 years. I'm a psychology major with minors in chemistry and biology, if that's...
  26. I

    NextStep Full Length Exams and General Approach

    Hi everyone, I have taken NS1 and NS2 and got a 511 (first practice exam) and 509. I was wondering what others opinions are on the difficulty of these tests compared to the real deal? Also when were the Nextstep exams updated? Is the scoring on the latest posts to the spreadsheet accurate the...
  27. kzp123

    MCAT Options

    Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a predicament and I'm not entirely sure what I should do about it. I'm taking my MCAT August 5th (which is roughly 3 weeks away) and I 100% know I'm not ready to take it. I've barely studied for it because this summer turned out to have a lot of unexpected things...
  28. H

    Should I push back my MCAT date to August? Help!!

    Hey everyone, So I'm currently registered to take my MCAT on July 22nd, but I can barely score anything above a 500 on my practice tests. My advisor told me I should push back my test to August 20th so I have time to improve my score, and still apply this year,but I also don't want to apply so...
  29. defendingsilence

    Old AAMC Full-lengths to study for new MCAT

    Hello beautiful souls, So I'm writing the MCAT soon and wanted to get your take on something. I know it has been discussed before, but I was wondering if anyone actually used the old full-lengths and thought they were beneficial after having written the MCAT? I'm not sure which way the...
  30. M

    Suggestions on ways to get MCAT practice exams

    Hello, I will be taking the MCAT in August. Is there any way I can get a hold of a lot of tests? Like a bulk of some kind. I already bought the two AAMC full length practice exams and I also got the Princeton Review coursework book that comes with 3 practice exams and I would like more for...
  31. A

    sterling mcat questions and exams

    Any thoughts on Sterling MCAT books. There are 2 kinds of books. Questions and exams ? Did anyone get a 520+ because of them ? http://www.amazon.com/Sterling-Test-Prep/e/B00CDR67QO/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1467136278&sr=8-2
  32. M

    Postpone Test Date?

    Hi all, I'm retaking the MCAT on the July 9th test date but am seriously considering postponing. I took Practice Test 1 at the beginning of the week and scored a 499 (63%,66%,66%,68%). Then I took the NS 1 FL and scored a 504 (67%,58%,67%,75%). Today I took the NS 2 FL and scored a 504 again...
  33. WhatsupDoc23


    I have a variety of MCAT books for sale in good-excellent condition. I prefer to sell in sets but willing to sell Examkrackers individually. Prices do NOT include shipping. Will ship anywhere in USA. May be willing to negotiate prices. NEXT STEP PREP 2015(Best MCAT prep book): General...
  34. HopefulDoc95

    MCAT this weekend but my score is out of range. Void?

    I've been consistently scoring 506-508 on my Kaplan Full length and the AAMC scored exams. - I've just been plateauing these past weeks. I've been studying for it since February and I was hoping to at least be in the 515+ range with this amount of effort. I'm going to keep studying really hard...
  35. W

    MCAT stamina

    I keep getting very drowsy during the start of the Biochem/Biological section. This occurs during full length exams as well as when I took the actual test in January. I've found keeping break meals extremely light and stuff like just resting my eyes helps. I've tried caffeine and chocolate but...
  36. N

    Dropped from waitlist. SMP?

    I applied to Medical schools this past cycle and was dropped off the waitlist from 2 allopathic state schools that aren't generally considered very competitive. My interviewers commented on the quality of my medical and volunteer experiences, so I'm fairly confident in that area of my...
  37. N

    MD Considering an SMP with a sGPA≈3.5?

    I applied to Medical schools this past cycle and was dropped off the waitlist from 2 allopathic state schools that aren't generally considered very competitive. My interviewers commented on the quality of my medical and volunteer experiences, so I'm fairly confident in that area of my...
  38. N

    Trying to figure out a good schedule. Am I doing this right?

  39. C

    CARS Qpack vs. real vs. AAMC scored FL

    well i just did a few of the first section of CARS I in qpacks and got destroyed. Previously with kaplan I've been 126-128, and scored 127 on my scored FL (a 513 total). is this Cause for concern? taking my test 6/18.
  40. L

    When should I take the MCAT?

    I am going to be a junior in the fall 2016. I am majoring in Finance. I will be getting my master's in Finance before going to medical school. It will take two years for the Masters. I have my reasons for getting my Master's and do not wish to discuss the why. My question is: When should I take...