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Sep 22, 2015
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According to PharmCAS website "As an Early Decision applicant, you can apply to only one Pharm.D. program." Obviously, I know, you can only chose one school that you want to apply for as Early Decision but does that mean I can't apply to other schools at the same time as regular decision as back up?

What if I wanted to apply to a couple of schools in July when PharmCAS opens as regular decision applicant. Then in September or so, I chose one school that is a dream school, where I kind of have a lower chance of getting in but I wanna try anyways, and I apply to that school Early Decision. Is that allowed?

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You're held under contract for a few months and your Pharmcas app gets locked for those contracted months. It is a financially binding agreement as well. You can not apply to other schools while under this contract period. Not even for regular decision. Just that one school.

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