1. N

    Einstein vs BU

    Hey everybody. I feel fortunate to have some options for medical school but it has made my decision a little tough. I've sort of narrowed it down to these two schools and was hoping to get some advice. Another huge factor that plays into this is that my SO is also choosing. She is currently...
  2. T

    Einstein vs Pitt

    I'm curious to get opinions on these two schools, especially since Einstein doesn't have a second look weekend. I've listed a few pros and cons below, but ultimately I feel like I'm leaning towards Pitt because of reputation, but want to make sure I consider other factors: Einstein: pros: 1...
  3. M

    USF (Tampa) Vs. Einstein

    I'm having a really hard time deciding between these two schools. I'm a non-traditional applicant and live in Miami. I'm in a serious relationship and my boyfriend is not ready to move due to work. I don't want to make my decision solely based on my relationship, but being able to see my SO...
  4. Pricefield

    What are my chances of getting into a top 50 NIH Funded Medical School

    Hello all, First of all: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to reply to my thread. The reason why I want to get into a top 50 NIH funded school is because graduates from these schools in particular have an increase in matches into a Dermatology residency, which is the field...
  5. MedSmithie

    In the Area Notification Etiquette- How far should you be, and should you mention which school?

    Hello all, I have received an II in the NYC area for September, and I am a bit confused by the conflicting advice on the internet regarding In the Area emails/calls. I go to school about 5 hours from NYC, and the train is expensive. I know that this is nothing compared to students who have to...
  6. S

    Einstein vs Tufts

    TUFTS Pros: I have taken a bunch of the first year classes here so I am very familiar with the professors and still have all the notes which will make the transition to med school easier, being in downtown Boston is better than being in the Bronx even though I prefer Manhattan to Boston, the...
  7. A

    Einstein vs. SUNY Downstate

    I was just taken off the waitlist at Einstein and am conflicted. 28 y/o M non-trad moving from SF to NYC. Background in software sales and real estate before making the switch. Any and all input would be appreciated! Downstate Pros -- Live off campus in a fun part of New York = better...
  8. B

    Einstein Vs. Boston University (BU)

    Hi! I got into Einstein a couple months ago and just got off the waitlist at BU. I had a good time at Einstein’s second look so I’m split on where to go. I feel like the two schools are pretty similar which is why I’m having trouble choosing – they both serve diverse urban populations, provide...
  9. D

    IM program ranking help ROL

    Hey guys! I'm starting to make my ROL and I am having trouble ranking these hospitals. My interest after residency is cardiology or Heme/Onc, so fellowship placement and research are important factors. Since I am an IMG I am unsure about a program's "reputation" (how strong is it, the name...
  10. Asclepius293

    Best out of State "Reach" Schools? 3.8cGPA 511 MCAT

    Hey all! Currently applying and trying to create a list of out of state "reach" schools to apply for. I've bought MSAR and am going through that but am curious as to what the SDN community thinks of my stats and where I might have a good shot. Michigan resident, applied for all in-state...
  11. B

    TX resident apply out of state?

    As a TX resident with solid stats and decent EC's, is it worth it to apply to out of state schools? I've been told my stats are good enough for any school (I know I'd still be lucky to get into a top school because this whole process is crazy) and my EC's are average for a med school applicant...
  12. K

    3 bedroom Bronx aparment (Pelham Bay)

    3 bedroom 1 bath apartment available in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx. Located in a private house in a quiet safe neighborhood. Close to Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Monetfiore Medical Center, and easy ride to St. Barnabas Hospital. 10-15 minute walk to 6 train to Manhattan and 1...
  13. Ismet

    2015-2016 Albert Einstein College of Medicine Application Thread

    Space reserved for prompt. Please PM the essays or lack thereof to me when the secondary is available and I will update this. Good luck to everyone applying! :luck:
  14. U

    Georgetown vs. Einstein

    Hi everyone, I am currently accepted at both Georgetown and Einstein. Unfortunately I am unable to make either of my Second Looks, so I really missed out on the chance to get to see both schools in depth. Since I am currently on a military scholarship, financial aid is not a deciding factor...
  15. T

    Boston University vs Alpert Medical School (Brown) vs Einstein

    Hello! I'm very lucky to have been accepted at these three great schools and I can't seem to make up my mind. Any advice would be much appreciated! I'm currently a senior at BU, grew up in NYC (originally from Brooklyn!), and have a number of scattered interests including biomedical research...
  16. MemberX

    Thoughts from NYC Neurologists

    Hi All, I am looking to do my residency in NYC. I have my initial impressions about each program but I was hoping to get other people's point of views, especially from current or former residents. However, anyone with knowledge about the programs would be appreciated. Figure SDN would allow...